Winterly Orange
Winterly Orange

Winterly Orange

The last day for this series has arrived, so here is photo number 5 out of 5 from my backcountry ski tour to Mt. Chapf and Mt. Isisizer Rosswis together with +Daniel Arndt.

As we have Friday, I put this one to

#FourSeasonsFriday by +Karin Nelson and +Stephonie Ogden,
#FridayGetaway by +Gary Crabbe and
#ForestFriday by +Alan Owens.
Those of you who followed my recent posts from this trip know already that we have started our way back down late. In fact, it took us much longer than usual because of many, many photo breaks. The evening light was so overwhelming that we stopped nearly every minute to take another shot. I’m sure, I will plan the next backcountry ski tour again for a downhill ride in late evening light.

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  1. I think it&39;s completely awesome how nature gives us a perfect complement in colors from the color wheel, all the time <3

  2. Excellent composition. The diagonal is great. And a said above, nice contrast in complementary colors. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jennifer Bailey Heh it&39;s true! This is one of those shots where it&39;s fun to take the Hue/Saturation filter and spin the Hue dial around and look at all the different color combinations that result. Every one of them looks nice as they stay complementary all the way around 😀

  4. I love the sky Wilfried Haferland and you&39;ve done a marvelous job of capturing the slope of this wonderful scene. And it has certainly been my privilege to be with your during your 5 consecutive post journey!

  5. What amazing colors Wilfried Haferland. I just spent a week in the mountains and never say any colors this rich. Everything was totally frozen and almost colorless. Ok, there were a couple of nice sunrises. 😉 But this is great!

  6. Neil Barnsley – Thank you very much!
    Sajan Mullappally – Thank you!
    Jennifer Bailey – Yes, that was exactly my thought. Thank you!
    Stephonie Ogden – Thank you for stopping by! Glad you like it!
    Lawrence Adams – True. Actually, all I did was a little pushing of saturation, but no hue shifting stuff. I&39;m not a friend of too much post-processing, I just process in CNX2. But for an experiment, let the color wheel roll…
    Jerry Johnson – You are too generous, my friend! Pleasure was completely on my side to have you here for 5 posts in a row… Thank you, Jerry!
    Jean-Michel Taconné – Thank you for taking your time, your kind comments are always welcome!
    mac boos – Thank you very much Mac, it&39;s a special honor to read a comment of yours! Many thanks!
    Alan Owens – Thank you very much! You&39;re welcome!
    Dawid Martynowski – You are too kind, my friend! I usually experience the same with your photos! Thank you!
    Johan Peijnenburg – Thank you for taking your time in viewing enlarged! I really appreciate your comments!
    Charles Lupica – Thanks a lot my friend!
    Sumit Sen – Thank you so much, my friend!
    Javier Esvall – Thank you very much, glad you like it!
    Milena Ilieva – Thanks for the compliment!
    Mykal Hall – Thank you very much, my friend!
    Athena Carey – Thank you so much, Athena! As written before, I adjusted the saturation a little bit, but that&39;s it. I tried to deliver exactly the impression I had from live view. And I&39;m sure you had some wonderful days and created wonderful photos during this week! Thank you!

  7. No amount of saturation adjustment would have made my winter photos this gloriously colorful Wilfried Haferland. I believe this is what it felt like in real life. 🙂 What a wonderful view! 😀

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