High up in the Clouds
Drusenfluh Winter Ascent

High up in the Clouds

This image was selected for the 9 TOP Photographs for March 14, 2012 by PhotoExtract.com.
This image was also part of my Fine-Art-Exhibition at photo13, the largest Photography Exhibition of Switzerland.

Daniel Arndt and me went to the austrian side of the mystical, towerish mountain peaks of Drusenfluh, Raetikon. This little mountain region belongs to the most unique and impressive rock formations I know of. The peaks are almost towers, not hills or pyramids. Nevertheless it’s possible to ascend them by ski through the huge “Sporatobel” (= couloir) in it’s SE-flank. The couloir takes a right-turn curve in the upper section, which is invisible from the valley. It’s a 6 hrs ascend with approx. 1’850m altitude difference – good enough for a perfect day.

This photo shows +Daniel Arndt, ascending the last steep meters up to the summit of the big Drusa tower (Grosser Drusenturm). I totally love the curved shape of the couloir, promising a fantastic ride down in knee-deep powder snow. Hope you like it!

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  1. WOW ! Such an incredible shot ! It&39;s almost like I was there !

  2. Every color, shadow and texture is perfect Wilfried Haferland! Your top of the world photo does such a wonderful job of demonstrating the rugged beauty of these mountain towers!

    *If you don&39;t mind me asking, my friend, what is the small object on the mountain peak which is located on the left side of your photo?

  3. Wow! Spectacular shot my friend! I always like that you give me a sense of scale with your images. Thank you.

  4. This planet has so many beauties and takes real artists to show them to the world! I thank you for another dream place and dream picture! I love this, but I guess you already knew that! 🙂

  5. Great photo! I love how you created that Sea Of Peaks effect. Must&39;ve been some marvelous skiing, I&39;m envious ;))

  6. It seems the story is complete now, reading your detailed description of the region, seeing the Austrian version and then the Swiss one – we have something similar around my town, called Cock&39;s Peak. The couloir is quite impressing, at the end with the "big gap" that Daniel Arndt posted. Thanks for the spectacular visual trip!

  7. beautiful. great landscape. and nice how the curve in the clouds matches (supports, echoes, whatever) that in the landscape.

  8. What a beautiful day for a hike. Stunning image mate and the person gives it sense of adventure on a grand scale. Well done Wilfried Haferland and congrats on the Photo Extract feature.

  9. Jerry Johnson – Jerry, thank you so much! Sorry for the delay and thanks to Melinda Koncz, she&39;s right, it is a summit cross. If you could zoom in 100%, you would see two more summit crosses, but I didn&39;t post original resolution. Thank you for your detailed comment, my friend Jerry!

  10. Ada M – I hoped for that! And I thank you very much for your always generous comments! Thank you my friend!

  11. Melinda Koncz – Thank you very much, Melinda! I&39;m happy that we could post two photos of two photographers from the same trip this time. Guess we should continue that… I just read about Cock&39;s Peak. Is it Creasta Cocoşului? Very interesting!

  12. My wife said she definitely wants to go here Wilfried Haferland. When I told her how high the mountain is she said she would be happy just looking at your images….lol.

  13. She is telling me what to type "She is pretty snazzy on the Camera iPhone app….." NOT!!!!!

  14. Indeed the place I&39;ve mentioned is called "Creasta Cocosului", is a good place for the climbers to train. The name is given by the shape of the peak and it seamed to me it looks like the Swiss side of the peak you posted, on your collection alpinestock.com. For sure, at least for me, having "both sides of the story", yours and your friend&39;s, Daniel Arndt &39;s, makes the journey complete, everytime. Waiting for the next posts!

  15. Wow…this is such an incredible shot! I really love the sky and composition.

  16. How did I miss this beauty – and I come back to find out it even went to PlusExtract! Congratulations Wilfried Haferland mostly for creating such a beautiful photo, but also for the PlusExtract. 🙂

  17. Wonderful landcape Wilfried ! Best wishes for 2014  with a great success for your photos   🙂

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