Little Emerald Gorge (Iceland)
Emerald Gorge

Little Emerald Gorge (Iceland)

Emerald Gorge

Today I start to post the first image of my recent short-trip to Iceland. There are so many great images posted here on G+, I’d like to mention my friend Dominique Dubied as a superb example as well as Tim Vollmer and Joe Azure.

As a high alpine photographer I’m used to shoot with a limited choice of gear, under time pressure and generally rough conditions inherent with high altitude regions. In Iceland, many great spots seemed very accessible to me, some are even reachable within a 50 meters range from the parking ground of your car. This fact inspired me to seek for little gems which are less travelled, “harder” to access and sometimes quite hidden. So I’m not sure if I will present images of the Top 10 spots of this beautiful island ;-).

Let me start with a view down into a rather small and typically yellow-green canyon. What attracted me most were all the details this frame offered. You can see every single stream of the waterfall rushing over the red rock, and every detail of the two lower falls are available. On top, the water flow divides into 2 directions. I’m not sure if this little canyon is very popular, and this is why I loved it.

This image was captured using one Big Stopper at 25 seconds exposure time. The wind was medium but made LE life a bit hard 😉

I hope you enjoy this rather unusual image of my portfolio!

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  1. Hey +Wilfried Haferland !
    Welcome back my friend .

    I'm here to follow what you brought for your G+ friends 😉

    & Those explanation's are important as the shot or maybe more for me .
    I need to learn about the technical limitation's you had to fix them , more .

  2. Thank you for the mention Wilfried, I am really honoured :)))
    This first picture is really beautiful and this is a very original point of view, typically the kind of point of view that has your signature as a alpine photographer!!
    Looking forward to the other images 🙂

  3. So green!!! Love the water movement mate. Dreaming of going there one day. :))

  4. Gorgeous colours and details. Beautiful scenery in Iceland. Great work Wilfried    🙂

  5. +Wilfried Haferland I can imagine. Your great effort is rewarded with all these awesome photographs and you get the benefit of a good work out. It is great to have a passion !

  6. Lovely photo. I also like to read about a photo it adds so much.

  7. 6th of july is my wedding rememberance, i wish all my friend support

  8. Super und ein Island-Bild, das sich mal von anderen abhebt und unterscheidet 🙂

  9. +Jean-Michel Taconné – I like France a lot! This time we have been in Biarritz / Bayonne and in Pau / Tarbes / Lourdes, of course with a visit of the Pyrenées. We had stop-overs in Clermont-Ferrand and Lyon. Have you been to the Pyrenées Jean-Michel?

  10. I hope you did a good trip in France and made some nice shots !
    Yes, I like Pyrénées very much but I haven't been there for a long time. I know well the towns you visited.
    These last years, I rather go to the French Alps. Have a nice day Wilfried    🙂

  11. Muy hermoso trabajo felicidades desde colombia

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