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This is photo number 3 out of 5 from my backcountry ski tour to Mt. Chapf and Mt. Isisizer Rosswis together with +Daniel Arndt. As we have Wednesday, it goes to

#widewednesdaypanorama by +Charles Lupica and
#travelpanowednesday by +Rolf Hicker

I created this panorama shot during the ascend to the summit of Mt. Isisizer Rosswies, 2334m / 7657ft, looking in NE direction. The small white hill to the left is Mt. Chapf. From there we came today, there we’ll go again on our way back. Under the high fog blanket lies the flat area of St. Galler Rheintal, the higher peaks to the left are Mt. Saentis and Mt. Altmann, to the right we see the mountains of the Principality of Liechtenstein (yes, that’s where you all hide your black monies!). 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Superb image my friend. Looks beautiful when seen large!

  2. Looks amazing! What program did you stitch it together in btw?

  3. The deep blues in the mountain&39;s shadow captured my attention. But that is not to say the entire photo is short of amazing. Because it is Wilfried Haferland!

  4. Daniel Arndt – Thank you, mate!
    Manuela Azevedo – Oh, thanks a lot!
    Lucille Galleli – This is good to know! Unfortunately, I can&39;t remember any response from Jason Dell so I don&39;t know him well, but I&39;m happy that my good friend Charles Lupica takes a break from this. And I&39;m happy that you three took over this valuable job. Thank you, Lucille!
    Sumit Sen – Thank you very much my friend!
    Andrew Marston – Thank you, Andrew! I tried several, but now I stick with AutopanoPro. What do you use?
    Jerry Johnson – You are soo kind, your words are pure pleasure to me. Thank you, Jerry!
    Jean-Michel Taconné – Thank you for your opinion. That&39;s important to me!
    Margaret Tompkins – Glad you like it!
    Althea Ferrer Iligan – Thank you very much, Althea!
    Rolf Hicker – I try to keep the work up! Thanks, Rolf!
    Dawid Martynowski – You are a friend to count on. Really appreciated, Dawid!
    Johan Peijnenburg – Thank you, mister! 😉

  5. Mate, you&39;re good. Real good. Keep them coming.

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