Les Diablerets, Tête de Barme, 3’185m / 10449ft
Hard Snow Diablerets

Les Diablerets, Tête de Barme, 3’185m / 10449ft

Well, spring is already here, so everybody who’s in need of snow has to go up a little higher. This time, we were en route to another destination but decided to take a short backcountry ski trip to Mt. Sommet des Diablerets, 3’209m / 10508ft. It’s a comparatively short trip due to the help of several cablecars, so it’s ideal for an on-the-fly trip. This photo shows Tête de Barme, seen from a smaller “rock balcony”. Sommet des Diablerets is hidden behind this peak.

I know of really nice people who have been there before us, and I’ll bet we see some incredibly wonderful images of this photographer soon here… In the meantime, take potluck with mine 😉


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  1. I love the textures in the snow on the bottom left of the photo and THANK YOU for being talented enough to include the man climbing up this Mt., as he provided me with some great perspective for this photo. Another wonderful photo for sure Wilfried Haferland!

  2. Great photo again!
    Spring is here as you said.
    We have climbed last weekend few short couloirs on 2.200m in Kamnik alps, but the snow was very soft on descent. I will share some photos this weekend. Regards.

  3. Great again! amazing again!! you bring happiness to my soul with this pictures!! Thank you. Again!

  4. How nice it is to see snow in your stream Wilfried Haferland and beautiful snow! I miss it already. And I love that you include the human form for scale – wow! 🙂

  5. Ada M – I&39;m always happy if you like my photos and I can convey some of my experiences up there… Thanks!

  6. Athena Carey – 😉 I guess I will bother you with "blue and white" still quite a while… Much appreciated, Athena! Have a nice weekend!

  7. As you have mentioned in a reply, I am grateful that the "Blue and White" journey continues, is my favorite theme on your photo blog, so I am happy that most of your posts get into this pattern. I&39;ve noticed too, also in your last post, that using the man included in the landscape gives a special perspective. From the mountaineer point of view also, it is as the warning we know so well, we have to respect the mountain, being so "small",fragile and vulnerable up there.

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