Alluvial Soil Moiry
Alluvial Soil Colors

Alluvial Soil Moiry

Alluvial Soil Colors

With a bit of light, colors are everywhere, even in my much loved blue-white dominated high alpine mountain world. The melting waters of Glacier de Moiry, located at the beginning of Val d’Anniviers in Valais, are of a distinguished green-turquoise color and carry a lot of sediments. I like the feeling of walking on that alluvial surface made by the waters as you can sink veeery slowly into it. It’s not dangerous, just fun.

Further down, the waters add to Lac de Moiry, a mid-size reservoir lake. If you decide to go there (by car, it’s possible!), choose autumn. In that season, the water-level reaches it’s maximum and you see only milky green-turquoise. Send me a photo if you have been there!

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  1. Very nice image! Thanks for contributing to natureartthursday !!

  2. Just wunderful! Great shot indeed and great backround story, my friend Wilfried!
    We have met again today at Turquoise day! 😀

  3. Wilfried Haferland Not only are the colors beautiful, but you have also captured the movement you have described in your post SO well my friend! I love this photo and the green turquoise color is amazing! Thank you for sharing a part of this world that is familiar to you (but it&39;s clear you love it), but oh so magical and unknown to me. 🙂

  4. Les alpes UNE région de toute beauté, photo splendide.

  5. Amazing! Thanks for sharing such an incredible image!

  6. Oh, this is so breathtaking!

  7. Wow! you have more repertories of Blue.(^_^)v very beautiful!

  8. Missed this earlier Wilfried Haferland. It&39;s beautiful. It is hard to figure out the scale of it. Coincidently we considered going there this weekend, but didn&39;t in the end. Guess I will have to follow your advice and go in Autumn!

  9. Johan Peijnenburg – That&39;s funny! It&39;s worth a visit. Very well spotted: It&39;s nearly impossible to scale it. This is exactly what makes this image special to me ;-). Thanks, Johan!

  10. Love this one.  The colors and the flow of the lines and nature is wonderful!

  11. Love to see wide range of beautiful blue color here !!! Amazing capture Wilfried Haferland !! Many thanks 4 sharing all these beauties & wonders … really enjoyed watching ur awesome pics !!

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