Sunny Snowridge Descent
Sunny Snowridge Descent

Sunny Snowridge Descent

Sunny Snowridge Descent

There were not too many days of ultra-clear air this winter season yet, especially on the weekends. If the air doesn’t contain too much dust, haze or moisture, silhouettes are nicely encircled by a fringe of light when you shoot against the sun. This day was great to achieve this effect at approx. 3’600m / 11 800 ft near Gornergrat, Valais, Switzerland.

Hope you like my image!


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  1. Your creative eye never misses a fantastic photo opportunity my friend! This is stunning and the slight halo of light that is cast in the sky is outstanding Wilfried Haferland !! 🙂

  2. Simple and wonderful. Many people attending the mountains may see a scene like this but not so many are able to obtain a picture like this…ops…that&39;s the reason because you&39;re a great photographer! Wilfried Haferland

  3. I have to get me some of that shiny toothpaste. :)) I also love the 2 runaway snow balls.

  4. Gornergrat, immer wieder eine Landschaft für grossartige Aufnahmen. Für&39;s Skifahren habe ich meist die Morgenstunden bevorzugt. Zur Vollsaison einfach zu viele Leute. Schöner Einfang Wilfried Haferland!

  5. Mykal Hall – Mate, you don&39;t know how much I appreciate your opinion! The 2 snowballs would have nearly caused not to post this image, but then I thought… hey, why not?! Btw, if I visit your wonderful country, I&39;ll bring some toothpaste ;-))) Thanks mate!

  6. Günter Schurr – Ja, weg von der Masse… 😉 Deshalb sind wir ja auch auf Skitour auf&39;s Stockhorn gegangen. Piste dann erst ab weiter unten genutzt. Danke Dir!!

  7. In my eyes the snowballs are leading lines so they add to the image mate.

  8. In my eyes the snowballs are leading lines so they add to the image mate.

  9. Mykal Hall – You&39;re absolutely right! From the beginning of your image-posting I&39;ve noticed that you always put some sort of visual line in your compositions… Thanks a lot and have a great weekend mate!!

  10. Amazing scene with this halo of light ! I also like the good balance between the white of the snow and the blue of the sky. Great composition my friend   🙂

  11. Super shot ( I don&39;t know how I could have missed it before ?)
    Great that you managed to shoot the 2 little snowballs that rolled down the slope, very subtle!

  12. Joan Munford – Thanks a lot, dear Joan! It&39;s so easy to miss posts as there are so many wonderful images here on G every single day… I&39;d wish to have much more time to enjoy at least half of them… 😉

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