Morning Light over Monte Rosa
Climbing Zumsteinspitze

Morning Light over Monte Rosa

Climbing Zumsteinspitze

This image was selected for the 9 TOP Photographs for January 17, 2013 for PlusPhotoExtract.

Swiss children learn in school at least two facts about single mountains in their country:

  1. The mountain “Dom” is the highest mountain located entirely located in Switzerland. It is 4’545 m / 14 911 ft.
  2. The mountain “Dufourspitze” is the highest mountain which stands partly on Swiss territory. It is 4’634 m / 15 203 ft.

The rocky peak shown here is “Dufourspitze”, seen in August 2008, at 4.55 am, from the “Signalkuppe” at 4’554m / 14 940 ft. I had the chance to climb “Dufourspitze” in spring 2011, ascending by ski and climbing the W – ridge. It was an overwhelming experience which I already hoped for back then in 2008.

These alpinists ascend the “Zumsteinspitze”. They didn’t had much time. Only 20 minutes later, a severe snow storm hit the top floor of the alps. This was to be expected, as red morning light usually means bad weather. We were lucky to be there that early to catch the giant light show.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Impressive. The courage of the climbers on the snow fragile Wilfried . Thank you It&39;s magnificent.

  2. Splendid capture! 
    Thank you for your contribution to EuropeanPhotography and European Photo 😉
    BTW, here&39;s the current theme info: EuropeanPhotography  European Photo Janusz Brakoniecki Jean-Louis LAURENCE Manuella Betaille Michael Muraz Susanne Ramharter
    To help us to find your post, you can go on our page European Photo, go the tab "infos" you will find a small text with numbers to copy/paste in your post, avoiding to type each of us 😉
    (Jean-Louis LAURENCE)

  3. great capture my friend Wilfried Haferland 
    starting to miss this kind of scenery 🙂
    hope you are enjoying this winter weather, i&39;m not lately…no snow and when there is snow then tooo much of it 🙁
    very frustrating…

  4. Michael Muraz – Thanks a lot Michael! Yes, it&39;s the highest peak of Monte Rosa. Nordend is the second highest and still on my list. Perfect for ski. ;-)))

  5. Dalibor Pačić – Don&39;t worry. Why not combine it and ascend the top of the alps by ski? I think I like it even more than walking all the way down in summer. We could do Nordend together by ski! What do you think? 🙂

  6. Wirklich toll! Das Monte Rosa aus einem anderen Winkel! Vielen Dank nochmals für die Einladung. War ein bischen kurzfristig. Vielleicht klapp&39;s ja das nächste Mal:) Wilfried Haferland

  7. Thanks for introducing this mountain to us and all that information,
    It is nice to see the work of photographers from other parts of the world, besides the photography(which is welcomed and nice) it is nice to see their pride places also, have a nice day

  8. Wonderful winter landscape with these beautiful and amazing summits. I love the dark blue sky. Good job Wilfried !  🙂

  9. I love photos like this with people in them – they give me the overwhelming sense of being so very small in the vast scheme of things.  This is a wonderful image Wilfried Haferland!

  10. Athena Carey – Thank you very much Athena, glad you like it! Indeed, people are the best choice for giving a scale. Guess a matchbox wouldn&39;t have done it as well ;-)) Thanks!

  11. Jean-Michel Taconné – No no, you could have been right with winter because you can enter the summit even in winter times, by ski! The peak in the background, Dufourspitze, is a summit which I climbed in winter times. So it&39;s possible too! Thanks my friend!

  12. every time I want to escape and climb a mountain I come to your page….:) thank you !

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