High Alpine Color

High Alpine Color


Light is everything. Being in the right spot is everything too ;-). This shot was made while climbing Mt. Täschhorn, 4’491 m / 14 734 ft this summer with Daniel Arndt. On the first day we went up from Saas Fee to Mittel-Allalin by cablecar. To reach the Mischabeljoch-bivvy which is nested in the saddle of the rocky ridge below, we summited / traversed Feechopf and Alphubel. The way down from Alphubel to the bivvy lead via the distinctive, light separating ridge in the center of the image. Next day we summited Täschhorn and made our way down to Saas Fee.

I love those morning colors in the high alpine regions because of their bold blue-orange contrasts. Another nice thing: Being that high, you look down on literally everything, even on a 4’206 m / 13 799 ft peak. Johan Peijnenburg picked this theme in his post earlier this week.

Hope you like my image!

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  1. You have captured the vast height of this peak so well that I am running out of oxygen as I look at it Wilfried Haferland! 🙂 It&39;s a beauty for sure my friend!

  2. Wilfried, Wonderful capture! You are a great photographer.

  3. in my next life I will com back as an Eagle, and fly over this amazing mountains…they will be my home…
    Thank you Wilfried Haferland for this amazing gift…

  4. Great photo Wilfried!  A memorable summit and an epic descend if I remember correctly…

  5. Anson Jett – Thank you Anson. I&39;m happy you digged that out ;-)!
    AerialPhotography – Many thanks, obviously I missed the obvious. Sorry about that, corrected immediately!
    Ada M – Thank you dear Ada for your nice words… You are absolutely welcome!
    Jacob Adamiec – Thank you very much, Jacob! 🙂

  6. If you keep posting breathtaking photos like this, you had better send that oxygen mask Wilfried Haferland! I can&39;t get any work done if I pass out. 😉

  7. Herrlich Wilfried, genau im richtigen Moment mit den Sonnenstrahlen!

  8. Evelin Inauen – Danke, liebe Evelin! Der ideale Moment ist immer in wenigen Minuten vorbei. Da heisst es, schnell einen Sicherungspunkt zu setzen 😉

  9. Love this beautiful and delicate light as well as the many details of the foreground rocks. Great work Wilfried ! Have a nice weekend   🙂

  10. +Wilfried Haferland Absolutely Beautiful picture!! That colour thats cast on the snow and the rock as the Sun is setting, is my favorite colour. That Golden orange, yellow!! So incredible!

  11. +Wilfried Haferland It would be wonderful to stay up there as long as you wanted. Taking pictures definatly captures those moment`s when you were there, appreciating what you saw 🙂

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