Buddha Shaped Rock
Buddha Shaped Rock

Buddha Shaped Rock

Buddha Shaped Rock

You all have learned about this Buddha from Athena Carey as she introduced this place with a brilliant, mystic and beautiful photo in her. What makes me post one of my photos of this Buddha rock is a coincidence. Some days ago, we have been on a ski tour from Sustenpass to the rocky summit of “Fünffingerstöck” (five-finger-rocks). As we reached the last terrain step and entered a small plateau, I was quite surprised: I stood face-to-face to the Buddha rock!

This gave me the opportunity to make some close shots. As these recent close shots are just of documentation quality, I decided to post a photo I made last winter instead which might be a little more compelling. If you’re interested in the close view photos anyway, you can find them here:
http://alpinestock.com/search.php?search=buddha (click images to enlarge).

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  1. Wow Wilfried Haferland you were right there with him? How splendid. It reminds me a bit of my experience of finding him completely by surprise. It is a good feeling! And thank you so much for mentioning my photo – so very kind of you my dear friend. 🙂

  2. ooo, this is so beautiful!!! Beautiful!!

  3. Wilfried Haferland I am always amazed by the contrasts and lighting in your photos! This one is NO exception my friend! Well done!

    I shall now head to the other links per your request. 🙂

  4. Athena Carey – Yes, it was a very interesting moment… I felt quite privileged. And the surprising moments seem to be connected with him. Thank you very much, Athena!

  5. Every time your photo comes back into my stream Wilfried Haferland I am reminded of my own surprising moment with that Buddha. Thank you! 🙂

  6. Ah snow, I miss snow ! Superb shot, Wilfried. The light and the shapes are wonderful !

  7. +Wilfried Haferland That`s a Beautiful time of the day to see the colours the Sun`s reflection gives on Nature 🙂 So Beautiful. I love the outdoor`s so much and notice the colour`s cast on everything. It`s great to capture these images. There`s so much Beauty around us.

  8. +Wilfried Haferland God is trying to draw you nearer to him 🙂 From a Budda to Him. Budda is materialistic, such as a rock. God made rocks. Look up. There God is 🙂

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