Frozen Snow Waves
Frozen Snow Waves

Frozen Snow Waves

Frozen Snow Waves

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Let’s go a little abstract today: The winter ascend to a mountain near the Gotthard pass in Switzerland leads to a frozen lake at approx. 2’600m / 8585 ft, directly beneath a glacier. I really like those mountain lakes in wintertime as they offer a field of generally unspoiled snow in an otherwise rough and rocky environment.

What attracted me most about this lake was the frozen snow waves. Formed entirely by steady winds, they add perfectly to the banks of this lake. I’ve chosen a rather narrow view here to work out the shadows and the light on these waves and to follow the lines they offered.

In the top left corner there are some blown-way tracks of skiers who might have intended to ski down to the right – the terrain is far less than ideal for this. So they obviously decided to take the ascend back up :-).

Hope you like this “abstract” image!

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  1. Wilfried Haferland This is magnificent and those b&w waves of beauty cascade from the back of your amazing photo to the front of your amazing photo and I think that some of the snow made its way into my office too! 😉

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo with MCM my talented friend!

  2. Paul Turkowski – Thanks a lot Paul – true, the first part looks nice, but there is a cliff down there 😉 So you&39;d need a kite or similar 😉

  3. This is a great shot with a superb light, Wilfried!
    But don&39;t you think we would like to see spring pictures now hahaha 😉 I am just kidding my friend!

  4. A wonderful view with the snow. It&39;s been a fantastic photo 😉

  5. I like to like the wind sculpts the element. very beautiful .

  6. I need to look at this on a bigger screen. Looks good on my nexus 4 mate.

  7. piękne b&w… fantastyczne światło i cienie…

  8. and you with your magic strike again! 🙂 I love this!!

  9. It looks really nice on the big screen. Just as you described it.  A frozen wave. Beautiful mate. :)))

  10. Hmmmm…. this is a marvelous black and white shot. Print it, and print it big 🙂

  11. Amazing photo with a beautiful light and  nice wind sculptures. Great composition my friend ! Have a nice weekend.

  12. Incredible, almost-abstract image – love the drama in this…

  13. Great shot …………… gorgeous  landscape ..I like!

  14. Beautiful. Zooming in to see darker area reveals so much more of photo & the textures in the snow. Nice photo.

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