Bernina Ridge Waves
Bernina Ridge Waves

Bernina Ridge Waves

Bernina Ridge Waves

This image was selected as one of the 9 TOP Google+ Photographs for May 8, 2013, by Thanks Jarek!

This snowy ridge leads “down” from Piz Bernina after the ascend via the famous Bianco Ridge. For many alpinists it’s the choice for ascent and descent as well, but if you can, enter Grison’s highest peak via Bianco Ridge. However, the ridge shown here is tasty as well.

You notice the two tracks in the foreground, melting into a single one later on: It’s a passing-by-area. Too often you’re stuck on narrow ridges ’cause of other alpinists and have no chance to pass them – here you have ;-).

I really liked the track, following the distinct wave form of the snow. It was a real pleasure to be there with Daniel Arndt.

Hope you like my image!


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  1. Ein Wahnsinnsfoto, lieber Wilfried!! Ich bin total begeistert!! Einmalig schön!! Fantastische Arbeit!!!

  2. The bottom left looks like a breaking wave!!!! :)))

  3. Cool, I would probably be afraid to look left or right at that place 🙂

  4. Athena Carey – Thank you dear Athena! It was almost the end of a long day, but there was still some power for focusing the eyes to the center of the track 😉 Glad you like it!!

  5. Johan Peijnenburg – I do as much training as I can at the moment to gain some shape for the starting north-faces-season. At the given weather this means currently speed-hiking in fog and drizzle ;-). No, Ticino was great.

    I&39;d love to take a day off for mutual shooting…

  6. Wilfried Haferland: pentecrost? Looks like weather isn&39;t cooperating this weekend darn it! Next weekend? Still looks empty on my side. We&39;ll probably head out to the Alps then 🙂

  7. Anette Mossbacher – 🙂 Im Morgenlicht / Abendlicht schon. Die Farbtemperaturunterschiede sind gewaltig und der Schnee reflektiert recht gut. Kommt noch hinzu, dass ich mein Erlebnis der Farben wiedergeben möchte – bin ja kein Dokumentarfotograf :-)) Danke Anette!

  8. Wilfried Haferland
     du hast es voll drauf. Die meisten haben keine Ahnung wie man Berge und Schnee richtig einfängt. Aber du kannst das. Du mixt deine moderne Sichtweise mit der alten Schule der Bergfotografen. Und das macht deine Bilder für mich zum Augenschmaus.
    Ich hoffe das sich viele Käufe für deine Bilder finden. LG aus Berlin

  9. Viktor Peschel – Deine Worte berühren mich sehr. Vielen lieben Dank! Vielleicht kommt das ein wenig davon, dass ich früher sehr viel Dia fotografiert habe – keine Chance für Postprocessing. Und ich bin ja auch (fast) jedes Wochenende in den Bergen, da kommt einem so mancher Blickwinkel unter und man hat eine grosse Referenzbasis. Danke Viktor!!!

  10. Wilfried Haferland
     ich bin ja nur sehr selten in den Bergen leider (kosten Grunde), aber immer, wenn ich dann fotografiert habe, habe ich gemerkt es ist ein ganz eigenes Thema. So manche Aufnahme hätte ich gerne wiederholt, weil man manchmal gar nicht die Dramatik der Bergwelt aufgezeichnet bekommt. Man denkt man hat sie im Kasten und zur Hause am PC wirkt es dann so manches mal nicht. Das ist bei deinen Aufnahmen deutlich anders.

  11. +Wilfried Haferland God must be smiling down on every person who achieve`s their Personal Goal`s 🙂 It`s Like climbing the Most Tallest Mountain on Earth. It`s not an easy path. It has it`s moment`s where our faith, inner strength, patience, determination, inner courage and passion for what we are trying to achieve is tested. We can envision what we want, we see it, we focus on it and we never loose sight or faith on achieving that goal, regardless of how long it takes, what barrier`s are in the way, we find a way around them, regardless of how big they are. As we get closer and closer to reaching our goal, we discover that our character is being shaped. We see thing`s so much more clearer. This journey is getting easier and easier. Internally, we have been blessed with everything that was required to do his will. His will, is what we discover is also our will. Perfect Spiritual alignment has happened between us and God 🙂 God has prepared us for this journey.

  12. +Wilfried Haferland Your welcome. You are a very gifted person. I`m so happy you have found what your so passionate about it life! Photographing Nature and Mountain climbing. You like a good challenge, so God blesses you with some of the most magnificent Mountain`s to climb 🙂

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