Moiry Glacier Sunset
Moiry Glacier Sunset

Moiry Glacier Sunset

Moiry Glacier Sunset

This image was selected as one of the 7 TOP Google+ Photographs for May 29, 2013, by Thank you Jarek!

Today I feel for something bold ;-). As you know, colors can be very intense at day’s end. Due to the highly reflective snow up in the mountains, the light colors are a bit amplified. So not much work in post…

Contrary to the vast majority of my mountain images, I created this image of Les Bouquetins and Mt. Grand Cornier from a very cosy place, the Swiss Alpine Club’s Moiry Hut. What a luxury! This hut is perfectly situated and reachable without much stress. In other words, it’s a superb place for a photowalk. We announced such a photowalk already last year in the agenda of the Swiss Photography Club G+, but due to several issues we had to cancel it.

If you are interested in attending a summer photowalk to this very unique place, just let me know ;-).

Hope you like my image!

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  1. I&39;m not equipped for mountain
    and altitude?
    The picture and color is beautiful

  2. Wilfried Haferland beautiful light.  I really wish I was in better shape, twenty years younger and not afraid of heights. 🙂 

    But your images bring the grandeur to me

  3. I see it was taken in August but still lots of snow! I am really impressed! Fantastic mountains scenery and the lighting is absolutely exceptional… add lots of warm to the photo. Beautiful work Wilfried!

  4. Wilfried Haferland I know the French Alps! Wilfried! I adore! 
    Gone further is always a rewarding experience!
    Yes I would love come so I can!

  5. Beautiful and intense scenery Wilfried! I wish you a great end of week!

  6. Wilfried Haferland Thank you It will be very nice to meet you too
    There is a great way to go to reach the shack
    I got a can documentais interesting
    I&39;ll look the best because I do step to by the day
    And August there is a lot of tourists
    thank you ! Wilfried!

  7. Wonderful light and amazing image, Wilfried!! Wowww!!

  8. jany viala – This is true. It&39;s absolutely necessary to make a reservation before. When it comes to the photowalk, I can send you all the details. Would be great!

  9. Philipp Weimer – Oh, vielen Dank lieber Philipp!
    Btw: Ich war kürzlich in Thalwil auf einen Café, doch ich war zu spät. Absolutely sorry! Ich hatte gehofft, Deine Werke doch noch geniessen zu können, aber wer zu spät kommt… Lief es denn nach Deiner Vorstellung?

  10. Das lief viel besser als erwartet 🙂
    Das Echo war echt gut und ich hab sogar ein paar Bilder verkauft und Kontakte mit einer Galeristin geknüpft, die sehr interessiert ist.

    Danke der Nachfrage 🙂

  11. Great warm light, contrasing nicely with the blue. One of my favourite color combinations!

  12. Great capture. Love the similar tone of the sky and the shade; makes for a playful look at the image.

  13. Amazing shot!! I&39;d like to see summer version&39;s image soon!

  14. Pål Børsting – Thanks a lot. I really love this combination as well, and good thing is: You have many opportunities in the mountains for this combination. 🙂

  15. Natsuyo A – Dear Natsuyo, thanks a lot! Funny thing is: This is the summer version :-)! It&39;s less interesting for winter climbing as most of the terrain is rocky and steep, so not ideal for ski-ascending. This is what I love about the mountains: If you want some winter, just go up! :-))

  16. Congrats again my friend for your top at Photoextract.
    Count : 599 😉

  17. Super image, Wilfried und verdient die Anerkennung für Heute. Gruß aus verregnete Zug. Neil

  18. Beautiful colours and great composition.
    I have never seen this photo before ! Very good job, Wilfried  !      🙂

  19. Absolutely incredible picture! To capture that moment…just amazing..the beauty. The Deep Blue sky against the golden colour on the snow from the Sun setting. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

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