“Good Climbing Weather”
Ten Minutes to Summit

“Good Climbing Weather”

Ten Minutes to Summit

Mountain photographers know that “good climbing weather” often is the opposite of “good photography weather”. No clouds, just blue sky. Well, there are several possibilities to make the best use of such a “good climbing weather” image. While post-processing, it was instantly obvious that color wouldn’t do here – but there are lots of different tones available, which add well to the silhouette style of this capture. I like this image because of the depth, it’s near-far-relationship.

This shot was made 10 minutes before reaching the summit of Rimpfischhorn, 4’199m. The backgroud features the highest mountain massif of Switzerland, the Monte Rosa group (left side). At the right edge, the Matterhorn is included. The climbing guy is Mr. Daniel Arndt, acting once more as the human subject in one of my images. This image might be special as well to my friend Dalibor Pačić who created many images of Rimpfischhorn already last summer.

I also updated my list of curators (thanks for your constant efforts), so I really hope that i don’t bother any ex-curators again ;-).

Thanks for reading, I hope you like my image!

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  1. Excellent shot my friend! Monochrome is perfect for this! 🙂

  2. Fantastic capture my friend +Wilfried Haferland
    Now I have whole picture of the location.
    Welcome back 🙂
    Many thanks for the mention. 😉
    I was not so much in climbing mood this summer because of the heat, went to the sea coast and did bunch of sunsets :))

  3. Wonderful picture as usual my friend ! I highly appreciate the monochrome here, the depth, the excellent near-far relationship. Have a nice evening +Wilfried Haferland   😉

  4. Splendid 🙂 And black and white always works well in the mountains

  5. +Wilfried Haferland First of all, I loved reading your story. It's quite necessairy to know what the criteria are for shooting a great shot like this
    .So beautiful in Black &White because you focuse on wat is important instead of losing yourself in something that is not( The bue sky for instance: )) Beautiful piece of work dear +Wilfried Haferland !

  6. This is a wonderful photograph. By telling us the background story of your climb and explaining what we are seeing along with your reasoning for choosing B&W, you further compelled us to care about the photo. I'm not sure I am explaining it the way I wish to. But you caused me to stop and examine the photo because I had an interest in not only the photo but the story behind it as well. Thank you for sharing this with us. Beautiful!

  7. Wow one with mother nature and it element impressive !!1

  8. Fantastic… like the b/w images from the mountains look always incredible

  9. +Günter Schurr – Vielen Dank lieber Günter! Ich nenne es mal "Sommerpause" und hoffe, dass ich jetzt ein wenig mehr tun kann. Aus Kontinuitätsgründen sozusagen 😉

  10. +Dalibor Pačić – I have still the one or another image from this trip which might be interesting to post. So we could round up the whole picture even more 😉

  11. +Athena Carey – Thank you very much, I didn't even ask ;-). He's climbing fast and I tried to be faster… This time it worked out. Have a nice evening and thank you for stopping by, dear Athena! Hope all is well. 🙂

  12. +Louis Leib – Your kind words make me happy, it's an honor that you take so much of your precious time to look at my image. Much appreciated, see you! 🙂

  13. Great photo, I like very much the silhouette of the climber against white snow not mentioning about impressive landscape in the background!

  14. Beautiful.  And nostalgic for me: a LOOONG time ago I climbed Rimpfischhorn.  Twice in one week.  (N ridge with luckily a much more experienced partner, and WSW ridge.)

  15. +Peter de Rooij – Congrats Peter, you did very nice climbs then! The N ridge is part of the regular training for mountain guide aspirants 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Hmm, I remember it was very exposed at places, some nasty loose rock, and a few short pitches a little above my level:-)  Not surprised this is seen as a good training ground.  Anyway, a great and scenic climb (even with that loose stuff).

  17. Wieder ein herrliches Bild. Das S/W drückt die Anstrengung gut aus.

  18. Elle est magnifique, Nous passage en Suisse en fin de semaines.
    Je veut voir les montagne Suisse.
    Aussi jolie que le versent Français?
    Merci Wilfried:-)

  19. +jany viala – Thanks a lot, dear Jany! You should definitely visit the Swiss Alps as well. The area is much larger and the characteristics are more versatile. If you plan a trip, I'd love to help with recommendations 🙂

  20. +Wilfried Haferland. Merci Wilfried . Je rentre en Suise demain et en sortirai le jour même. Je ne pourrait pas voir de ce beau pays que ce que le temps me permettra de voir .

  21. Ein super Blickfang und sehr interessantes s/w-Bild, lieber Wilfried!

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