Rock Gate at the Swiss / Austrian Border
Rock Gate

Rock Gate at the Swiss / Austrian Border

From the eastern part of swiss canton Grisons / Graubuenden, Austria is not far away. In fact, there some alpine high passes which mark the border of these two countries. One of these alpine passes is called Drusa-Tor. It is a small gap between the rocky peaks of Drusenfluh (2’830m / 9284ft) and Sulzfluh (2’817m / 9242ft).

Last weekend we started our backcountry ski tour at -20°C / -4°F in St. Antoenien. Once the sun started to shine, temperatures were comfortable at approx. -6°C / 21°F. As the swiss side of this alpine pass is faced south, the austrian is north. Traversing the pass meant a sudden drop in temperature from -6 °C down to again -20°C. We did not spent too much time in Austria this day and returned to Switzerland for fantastic backcountry powder skiing.

This photo shows some big rocks on the pass, framing Mt. Sulzfluh in the center. I was glad to capture some untouched snow this day ;-). Hope you like it!

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  1. Wonderful shot my friend! Love the strong angles!

  2. I like how you finish your post with "I hope you like it"… you should see my face every time you post something, a mountain landscape! it is beyound words! I think these pictures can make every one fall in love with mountain! ( me I was born in love with mountains! 🙂

  3. The scenery is fantastic, beautiful colors and composition.

  4. Wow, was für ein Bild und was für ein genial blauer Himmel.

  5. Thank you all so much! I really appreciate each and every comment, 1 and reshare.

    Marty Desilets – No, it was just an extremely clear winter sky, very bright shooting conditions and an altitude of about 2&39;300m. This makes for such dark skies (which I love 🙂 )
    Shawn McClure – Thank you very much!
    Sumit Sen – Thanks for noticing… I did not touch the rocks 😉
    Francis Gagnon – Thank you, this means a lot to me!
    Ada M – You are soo nice, Ada! I really enjoy your fantastic comments, the make my day!
    Javier Esvall – Thanks, Javier. I&39;m happy you like it!
    Jean-Michel Taconné – Thank you! Much appreciated!
    Candace Bartlett – Thank you for your comment!
    Viktor Peschel – Danke, freut mich sehr, dass Dir der Himmel auch so gefällt!
    Dawid Martynowski – Dawid my friend, thank you soo much!
    Athena Carey – Oh, I&39;m always happy to transfer all this through my photos, and I&39;m very happy you like them. I will try my best to keep up the work! Thank you, Athena!

  6. Sei mir nicht böse aber ich nehme meistens den Lift oder auch schon mal den Helikopter aber das war für Werbeaufnahmen vor der Kamera! Wilfried Haferland

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