Mt. Rosenhorn, 3’689m / 12103ft
Glacier Seracs Rosenhorn

Mt. Rosenhorn, 3’689m / 12103ft

Situated in direct neighborhood of the well-known mountains Eiger, Moench and Jungfrau, Mt. Wetterhorn is the mountain of Grindelwald. Seen from Grindelwald, it’s a really huge peak with an impressive NW-Face. We climbed Mt. Wetterhorn last summer via its interesting ridge “Willsgraetli”. The easier route starts in the NE of the peak, leading over several glacier steps with broken-up ice and considerable crevasses. Both trips are 2-day-trips in summer. Winter (and spring) give the ski alpinist the opportunity to summit Mt. Wetterhorn on a 1-day-trip. The crevasses are filled with packs of snow, the last steep passage to the summit allows you to step up nicely in hard snow instead of slipping over gritty small rocks, you simply ski down after you enjoyed the summit…

Last week I decided to go, ascending 2’400m / 7874ft of altitude difference. The conditions were superb, so I didn’t need any harness, rope or climbing equipment except my loved crampons and ice axe. This was one of the trips of the season so far…

This photo was made while passing through the first glacier step of Rosenlauigletscher. I loved the near appearance of Mt. Rosenhorn… Hope you like it!

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  1. Spring seems to make the snow melting on the summit ! Gorgeous picture as always ! 🙂

  2. Your blue skies are always perfect Wilfried Haferland! I absolutely love this photo and the icing on the spectacular cake is, for me, the wonderful colors and textures in the face of the "cliff" that is on the right side of the photo just before we reach the mountain peak. Well done, as always, my friend!!

  3. this is perfect! seeing this makes me feel like I am there, I can feel the snow under my boots, I can feel the cold and breath the fresh air……so real!!! thank you again for this amazing and brilliant photo!

  4. Love the peak sitting against the blue backdrop.

  5. Natsuyo A – Thank you very much, Natsuyo! very interesting article! Will you go there for a few great shots? I guess many people here would appreciate this! Thank you!

  6. Coole Fotos, und super Website Wilfried. LG aus Kanton Zug. Neil

  7. Charles Lupica – Hey, thank you Charles! This was one of my favorite ski ascents last spring (as the weather was still good). More than 2&39;400m altitude difference in one day. Man, I was in shape! ;-)))

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