E-Flank Piz Beverin, Grisons
Piz Beverin Flank

E-Flank Piz Beverin, Grisons

I have been on a backcountry ski tour with Daniel Arndt to Piz Beverin, Grisons. This mountain is a very nice ski mountain, especially when avalanche risk is low and you can speed down an north-eastern couloir, packed with powder snow…

However, there were loads of snow and we had an avalanche risk of 2-3 (on a scale being 5 the highest) that day. Even at 3 you have to be very careful by chosing which path to go. This year, my latest information says that we have already 12 persons who died in avalanches by now, with an estimated average of 20 / year. With that many snowpack on the rock, you have a good reason to avoid this E-flank, and we did. We took the NE-couloir instead, which was incredible fun as well.

If you view this photo enlarged, you can see some ski tracks in there anyway.

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  1. The NE couloir was a bit scary avalanche wise too though! Nice photo!

  2. Amazing shot! Thanks for sharing my friend.

  3. perfect one! what more can I say?

  4. Yet another stunning photo Wilfried Haferland! I love the the way you&39;ve captured the hard and soft edges of the shadows. And you&39;ve also left me wondering, what is beyond the ridge on the upper right side of this photo?! Well done. 🙂

  5. Daniel Arndt – Yes, but we went down one after the other to reduce loss 😉
    Milena Ilieva – Thank you Milena, glad you like it!
    Sumit Sen – Thank you very much my friend!
    Jean-Michel Taconné – Thank you for mentioning the colors. I like them too…
    Ada M – You are way too kind, but I really love your comments! Thank you!
    Jerry Johnson – I&39;m amazed that you take your time for such detailed comments, but is is pure joy to read them… Thank you, my friend Jerry!
    Peter de Rooij – Thank you very much for noticing, Peter. This was exactly what catched my eye here!
    Dawid Martynowski – Thank you very much, my friend!
    Javier Esvall – Thank you for stopping by, Javier!

  6. Lovely Wilfried Haferland! When we were on the Titlis I was enjoying looking for all the off piste ski trails. Many people go off piste there. Not me though. 😉

  7. Athena Carey – Sometimes it&39;s better not to go too much off piste. Currently, we have a very severe risk of avalanches, caused by the incredible high temperatures.

    I&39;m sure you had fun at Titlis! Thank you, Athena!

  8. I got the hang of turning pretty quickly Wilfried Haferland, but never managed to master stopping on my toe edge. I had a few bruises and some sore muscles the next day! I have a lot of respect for snowboarders now – it is very physical!

  9. Beyond the breathtaking beauty you&39;ve captured, the landscape takes me in mind to a wild freeride session or…most probably, as you have mentioned, the moment before a huge avalanche. Like holding the breath before the big lavina.

  10. Definitely, my favorite kind of landscapes. Also the mountain peaks album you have posted, for obvious reasons. Unfortunately after a ski accident I had one year ago, right now I am just an avid consumer of these images. By the way, I can see the tracks of the ski…so waiting for new posts.

  11. Melinda Koncz – That&39;s sad to hear. I hope there is a good chance to get on ski again soon? I plan another post for today&39;s evening. If you have some time, I&39;d be honored!

  12. Thank you, is pretty tough after a lifetime on the mountains skiing to have such an experience. You know the feeling, never thinking it can happen to you. Of course, I am following your posts, also your friend&39;s,as far as I saw you two are having trips together. I am honored too to see the images!

  13. Melinda Koncz – Oh, that&39;s really bad… I am risk-aware, and I know two really close people who had ski accidents, damaging their knees severely, one of them twice. Lucky them, they are skiing again. Thank you, Melinda!

  14. I guess the mountain, skiing and so on are life styles that once you get, can&39;t get enough of them. So definitely next season I am on the slopes. Until then, next step will be taking the bike out, hitting the roads

  15. Melinda Koncz – Wow, that is good news! Biking was my favourite sport before mountaineering. You can&39;t start too early to get your muscles back in shape. Slowly but steadily. I&39;m happy for you, Melinda!

  16. In fact this was the way I trained after the surgery, in a couple of months I was on bike, at first took it easy, but getting to longer tours I knew I am back on the track. And you know, coming back with bleeding knee, falling on the abrubt parts, stuff like this, I am sure you get the idea. So I guess you will post bike photos too, right?

  17. I have only skied once Wilfried and that was great fun. I know you would be a great skier as well as a great mountaineer. Beautiful photo mate.

  18. Melinda Koncz – Hopefully you are back in shape soon! Although it is really hard to stay away from what you love… I know this from friends very well. No, my bike activities are more that a decade away, so I do not have postable bike shots… I&39;d have to go through the huge piles of slide magazines once 🙂 Thank you, Melinda!

  19. Mykal Hall – Thank you very much for stopping by, mate! Glad you like it, and I&39;m happy to combine skiing, mountaineering and photography. Thanks, Mykal!

  20. The colours here on the Mountain and the snow is absolutely beautiful! Beautiful Picture Wilfred 🙂

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