Matterhorn Sunrise
Matterhorn Sunrise

Matterhorn Sunrise

Matterhorn Sunrise

A few days after the Zermatt Photowalk of +Swiss Photography Club G+, Daniel Arndt and me climbed Mount Täschhorn, 4’491m. Starting before sunrise, the alpinist photographer has the pleasure to catch first light first.

This photo was made at 5:57 am while climbing the SE-ridge of Täschhorn. Hope you like it, and don’t miss all the wonderful matterhorn photos made at the Zermatt photowalk by my fellow photographers!

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  1. Fantastic view Wilfried, my friend! That&39;s the privilege of the climber! 🙂
    This sunday I was on 3.360m Hochalmspitze.

  2. Matterhorn is mountain of dreams for me. I am a lucky person to see current a magnificent view…Thank you Wilfried!!

  3. always pleasure to check some great photos from you Wilfried Haferland  🙂
    yes, hope to see you soon!
    yes, it was lots of fun last weekend, I can still feel my legs after so much hiking :-))

  4. Wilfried Haferland I think the matterhorn has always been over photographed – it&39;s so iconic that no one can resist making a snap.  But it&39;s always a joy to see it photographed well like this my dear. 😉

  5. Dalibor Pačić – Every long tour is hard for it&39;s own… We selected a rather uncommon way down via a blank ice glacier and a nice serac zone. Took some time to find through the labyrith… We arrived in Saas Fee at midnight. But it was fun, as you know well! 🙂

  6. yes, I know them :-)) Wilfried Haferland 
    I would like to go with you once climbing, maybe we could arrange something. 🙂 but I don&39;t know how will I react on such high altitude :-/
    On Sunday we didn&39;t want to go back the same way form the peak, but to make circle tour – and we end up on one part where the glacier melted down for more then 30 meters. We had only "guide" rope of 30m, and we needed one of 60m – then we waited for some guys which we saw coming in the ridge to ask for a rope – and we managed to descend. otherwise… very tricky :-))

  7. Dalibor Pačić – Oh yeah, this is really what makes circle trips and traverses so interesting… you never know what&39;s waiting for you 🙂 You get used to the altitude. If you will have done Nadelhorn, you&39;re fine ;-)!

    Not sure if we can arrange a tour while you are in CH, but a meeting is mandatory! Looking forward!

  8. I love the changing colour tones and the view is spectacular. Thanks for showing me a part of the world I probably will never get to see first hand mate. :)))

  9. This beautiful photo has such a magical look and feel to it Wilfried Haferland! The glowing clouds have cast such a soft and lovely light upon this world renowned peak! Well done my talented friend!

  10. Welcome back my friend 😉
    now please start to share with us again … I&39;m really interested to see what you got …

  11. yes, a magical sunrise! What more can one ask for? You see this you see magic unfolding under your very eyes!….

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