Looking into the vertical depths of 2’300m / 7500ft
Vertical Depth

Looking into the vertical depths of 2’300m / 7500ft

The weather was mixed the morning of the last day of Easter in Zermatt, so we decided to choose a “small” ski tour, starting at the top station of the Stockhorn installation, traversing Mt. Stockhorn and entering Mt. Torre di Castelfranco – another country border walk. From the Swiss side you can enter Mt. Torre di Castelfranco easily by ski over an unsteep, friendly glacier. Arriving at it’s summit, you instantly hold your breath: The mountain’s flank at the italian side is steep, very steep.

The Alpe in the center is at 1’900m asl, the green bottom of the valley in the background is some 1’300m asl (village Macugnaga). From our peak of 3’623m, this makes for a 1’700m to 2’300m alt. difference.

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  1. Den Ausblick hast du dir bestimmt hart erarbeiten müssen! 😉

  2. Wilfried Haferland to say this photo is dramatic would not do it justice! Wow! The colors and textures in the rock formations on the right and left side of the foreground of your photo provide the perfect visual launching point for my eyes to take in this entire majestic scene. 🙂

  3. Stunning Wilfried Haferland my eyes just flows down the valley. Just one question, the red spots on the rock top right, what are they?

  4. Mykal Hall – These red spots are some kind of moss ("Lichen"), extremely durable. They can be very distracting if you are on a poorly marked path (yes, sometimes I&39;m on such a path). If the paint they&39;ve used gets old and weared, this moss can be mistaken as a marking and mislead you.

    Consequence? Always use unmarked paths 😉 Thank you for watching that close, mate!

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