Storm Over Zinalrothorn
Storm Over Zinalrothorn

Storm Over Zinalrothorn

Storm Over Zinalrothorn

The mountain Zinalrothorn is one of my favourite peaks of the Swiss Alps. It’s a very spikey and elegant peak (when seen from its northern or southern side) at 4’221m / 13 848ft. I was lucky to summit this wonderful mountain together with Daniel Arndt in summmer 2009. The whole trip took us 16 hours from the mountain hut and retour that time, we started a little late and got stuck by several “traffic jams”, caused by other alpinists. All regular routes to its summit are long ridge climbs, so you should watch the weather well: In case of an approaching thunderstorm, there is absolutely no escape.

Watching the weather is mandatory for all hig and long climbs. We witnessed this beautiful but strong Foehn storm over Zinalrothorn from the summit of Wellenkuppe. In order to escape the upcoming uncomfortable situation we had to return to the valley in time to avoid the heavy impact of this storm at an altitude of approx. 12 500 ft. This shortened our trip a bit but kept us comparably safe ;-).

Some of you might know this image already.

Hope you like my image!



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  1. The cloud, as I like! She is gorgeous! Wilfried!

  2. 16 hours I died already… wow what a trip… 
    Fantastic image, great processing and awesome clouds

  3. I just wondering what is more dramatic in your fantastic photo: the mountains covered in the snow or the sky? Probably both equally 🙂 Thanks for your picture, very nice!

  4. these kind of images take me out of this world into the soul of the mountains….into magical places…thank you!

  5. Thank you very much Wilfried for sharing your wonderful work!
    This one is really unique. I like these clouds and the nearness achieved by this photo. It gives the impression just if you had been at the meeting yourself.
    I have a special place in my collection.
    I&39;m looking forward to see your pics from your next expedition Wilfried Haferland!

  6. Mykal Hall – Mate, you&39;re absolutely right. We had medium snowfall with heavy gusts while climbing down later on 😉 Thank you!!

  7. Great shot of a wonderful mountainscape ! I also like these amazing clouds. Thank you Wilfried  🙂

  8. What an amazing view! Sky is absolutely spectacular 😉

  9. Gerade ist mir was aufgefallen. Das in BW wäre perfekt für das special.:)

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