Giant Ice Pack
Aletschhorn Through Fog

Giant Ice Pack

Aletschhorn Through Fog

Last year at about the same day, Daniel Arndt and me escaped spring by going to the Alp’s largest glacier area, the Aletsch region. As I wrote before, the Big Aletsch Glacier is the Alp’s largest one. It’s fed by 3 glaciers which unite at “Konkordiaplatz”. This place is 6 km² large and consists of a giant ice pack of 900m / 2952ft thickness. I love to be there.

On this cloudy morning we went from Konkordiaplatz to a high mountain pass from where we’d ski down to Valais. The clouds lifted more and more and revealed this almost mystical view of the icy flank of Mt. Sattelhorn, 3’745m / 12286ft. A great moment!

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  1. Wilfried Haferland I always look forward to your amazing photos and you never disappoint me! This beautiful shot looks like something from a wonderful dream. The kind you do not want to wake up from. 🙂

  2. Hey Wilfried, you did it again! Amazing shot, made me check my photo taken at the Aletsch Gletcher…of course is nothing like yours, just a simple tourist photo. Thank you for reminding me that beautiful place.

  3. Wilfried Haferland I&39;m dizzy. And climbed a mountain for me, as you made, and at great risk. Thank you, to show us all that, you see. A good comment.

  4. Really good!
    U r so lucky to have chance to go to such places!
    I&39;ve some plans to go in Switzerland. Hope to fullfil this plans. If yes, I&39;ll contact u. 🙂

  5. Wilfried Haferland Wow, interesting the stuff your camera picks up. I don&39;t remember this… Perhaps my glacier glasses are in need of a spring cleaning!

  6. jany viala – I&39;m happy you like it! To be honest, the risk was not that high… In winter, almost any crevasse is covered with enough snow. Thank you!

  7. I like the quiet feeling this image projects Wilfried Haferland. Looking at it, I feel like I am there, alone on top of my world. It&39;s wonderful. 🙂

  8. wow! I feel there is a gradual change in your blue. I&39;ll be looking forward to it.

  9. I truly believe your mountain pictures are out of this world….they are magical and perfect and make me miss mountains even more that I already do!
    Thank you for all these amazing pictures!

  10. I love the work of so many people here, special people, they take me through their images in such incredible places, but you are the one that takes me to the place I love the most – top of a mountain, the mountain, any mountain. I will treasure this for ever. Thank you. Wilfried Haferland .

  11. Elegant and beautiful.  I love this one.  The clouds are ethereal.  Lovely image.

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