Ridge Climbing Bietschhorn
Ridge Climbing Bietschhorn

Ridge Climbing Bietschhorn

Ridge Climbing Bietschhorn

There are 4’000m peaks in the alps, and there are peaks slightly below the magical 4’000m line. The wonderful Bietschhorn belongs to the latter. A mountain being not quite 4’000m leads many people (and even alpinists) to the wrong conclusion that it’s not worth to climb it. Totally wrong. Okay, well, if you’ve climbed most of the alps 4’000m + peaks, the pressure of filling your personal summit book has gone.

Bietschhorn is a very majestic mountain located between the Bernese Alps and those of the Valais. It’s a long and high climb, taking about 13 – 15 hrs r/t. To me, climbing this mountain was a dream which came true. What I liked most about this climb was the persistant ride on top of the ridge. I hope this photo conveys this feeling a little bit!

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  1. One of those moments when the sky is cloudy and photogenic but the weather is still stable enough that you know you can still climb to the summit Wilfried Haferland ? 🙂

  2. EEeeeeeeK!!  Yes, it conveys it a lot.  But what a wonderful photo and experience   Thank you for sharing something with me that I will never see with my own eyes.  🙂

  3. Am I allowed to get a bit of vertigo?

    How do you manage to stop clinging to the rocks so you have your hands free to take photos?!

    oh and – thanks for sharing this spectacular view

  4. Bietschhorn… It has been in my top 3 wish list for a long time. And this image confirms that once more. Always just out of reach:-/

  5. It is a point of magnificent views. I understand the feeling that you have. A lovely ascent you have done. she are lovely Alps.

  6. Wow ! Impressive and wonderful landscape photo from a very sharp Alp summit. Love the yellow rope as a leading line.
    Great work as usually Wilfried !    🙂

  7. Wilfried Haferland Oh my, this is a breathtaking capture my friend! I totally feel like I am standing up there with you (shaking in my boots) and the yellow rope is such a wonderful leading line that serves as a visual exclamation point on this gorgeous photo!

  8. WELL DONE!!!
    This is more extreme than shot the Puma @ Axalp and the view leave you without breath…

  9. Mmm very nice! You know what I would probably say standing where you stand 😉

  10. Jacob Adamiec – Thank you my friend! True, the weather was still good enough. I made this image on the descend, in the lower part of the ridge we faced light snowfall later on. But the sky made for a good photo I guess 😉 You know such situations very well!

  11. That&39;s true Wilfried Haferland Sometimes unstable weather gives you better photo-opportunities but increases the risk and danger of the climb. Anyway this photo is stunning – the best of the panoramic landscape climbing action shot combined together 🙂

  12. Philipp Weimer – Thank you very much, Philipp! You&39;re right, it&39;s always necessary to let your rope partner (Nadine this time) know what you&39;re doing. Sometimes you need both hands to make the photo, which applies especially to the D800E ;-). This means you have to get yourself in a comfortable place and secure the rope somewhere. If you&39;re looking too long through the viewfinder, you have the risk of losing balance. So sometimes a one-hand-shot fits better. This one was both hands anyway 😉

  13. Peter de Rooij – Peter, you&39;re an insider! Far away, but I&39;m sure you&39;re experiencing many exciting things where you live. Your images confirm this impressively. Thank you!!

  14. Jerry Johnson – Jerry, how do you find such nice words…? I&39;m really amazed and it&39;s always a pleasure to read any of your comments. Thank you so much, my friend!

  15. Alexander Panzeri – You&39;re right, it&39;s a little more extreme ;-). Funny thing is that the day before the Oris Hawker Hunter flew by through the valley below us. That was great! Thank you, Alexander!

  16. One of the best perspective & Mountain photograph I&39;ve ever seen.
    This is a Beautiful Capture 🙂 Wilfried Haferland
    Who is standing over there, on the edge?

  17. Vishal Kumar – Many thanks my friend, it&39;s my girlfriend Nadine. She&39;s a veeery good rock climber, you can completely rely on her. Thanks for your visit, much appreciated!

  18. this is a view of the earth from heaven, thanks for climbing there on our behalf! superb work!

  19. Wilfred, Outstanding capture, wonderful shot!

  20. your achievement and image are both fantastic, good luck for this year, Happy New year

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