Clouds Over Maloja
Clouds over Maloja

Clouds Over Maloja

Clouds over Maloja

This image was selected as one of the 8 TOP Google+ Photographs for July 3 by Thank you Jarek!

It’s been a while since my last post, more than 4 weeks already. Time to catch up. As most of you noticed, the spring weather in central europe was a bit difficult. The result for me was much less outdoor-activities high up in the mountains. So I’ve selected an image I made a while ago.

Lake Sils (“Lej da Segl” in Romansh language of eastern Switzerland) is a wide lake at approx. 1’800m amsl, near the mountain pass of Maloja. This lake is frozen until mid-June and gets back its ice-cover already in October. We used the remaining time for a very nice LE shooting in the evening, frozen fingers included. The typical “Wind of Maloja”, coming up from Bergell,  blew the clouds nicely over Piz da la Margna and made for an almost volcanic impression.

I really enjoyed this day shooting with Johan Peijnenburg. It’s always fantastic to share knowledge and to learn how to do things better.

Hope you like my image!

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  1. Beautiful shot Wilfried! This time you chose to stay at the bottom of the mountains and not going to the top 😉

  2. Love the silky water and cloud movement mate.

  3. i answered you but again…no, unfortunately not this year +Wilfried Haferland in Swiss
    maybe somewhere lower…
    had some health issues, very serious, so just started to climb again few weeks ago :/

  4. Oh, sorry for that my friend! Hope you're well again soon and back in conquesting shape! All the best and keep me posted…

  5. Dieses Bild gefällt mir noch ein bisschen besser als das, wo du die Farbtöne akzentuiert hast, aber beide wirken mit den verschiedenen "weichen" Blautönen sehr schön!

  6. Da strapazierst du meine grauen Zellen aber ganz schön +Wilfried Haferland, ich meine du hättest damals 2 Bilder mit unterschiedlicher Bearbeitung gezeigt. Wie auch immer, deine Bilder sind eigentlich jedes Mal super!

  7. +Christa Niederer – Hm, ich glaube, das "zweite" Foto war jenes im Post von Jarek Klimek. Dort hat man offenbar das "auto-enhancement" feature angewandt und daher sahen die Farben knallig aus. Mich stört dieses aufgezwungene Feature ungemein. Ich selbst mache das immer rückgängig.

    Ich poste auch nie zwei Versionen eines Bildes. Daher meine blöde Frage 😉 Vielen Dank liebe Christa!

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