Little Big Matterhorn
Little Big Matterhorn

Little Big Matterhorn

Little Big Matterhorn

Thought you’ve seen enough images of the iconic Matterhorn already this summer? Not yet: Let me introduce the back side of this wonderfully shaped mountain, showing the Zmutt-Ridge (left) and the Lion-Ridge.

This photo was made while climbing the W-ridge of beautiful Dent d’Herens, 4’171 m / 13 684 ft. last weekend. The Swiss view to Dent d’Herens is mainly hidden by the Matterhorn, so this mountain is unknown to many people. Absolutely wrongly, because it is one of the most multifaceted peaks in the alps. It looks different from any angle, from any orientation. If you’re summited the Zermatter Breithorn (Hi friends Deborah Vos and Johan Peijnenburg!) you can see it left to the Matterhorn, from Zmutt valley you have a view to the magnificient, even North Face, to be seen in the center of my photo. One of the most welcome facts is that Dent d’Herens is rarely visited, compared to other mountains and expecially to the overcrowded Matterhorn. Btw, this trip is highly recommended to my friend Dalibor Pačić for his next visit.

So this climb with Daniel Arndt was a wonderful, end-season, dream-fulfilling trip to a beautiful mountain.

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  1. too many rocks, too steep, too scary, but… really really nice place!

  2. Fantastic photo and view Wilfried, my friend!
    Thank you for mentioning and for recommendation! 🙂
    I was in Swiss just few weeks ago for the first time and still have the feeling like it was yesterday.
    Hope to be able to come next year too and climb this mountain as well. I remember the view, yes 🙂 Ah…

  3. Impressive beauty and the cloud is a few meters from you magnificent Wilfried .

  4. Looks like you had a great trip Wilfried Haferland! The Matterhorn being overcrowded is a fact… Also applies to Breithorn though :-p hiking season over??

  5. Fantastic perspective, Wilfried… Love this alternate view…

  6. Magnificent! That figure on top is the icing!

  7. Deborah Vos – Ms. V, glad you like it! Yes, high season is more or less over. Depending on the new-snow conditions there might be one or another possibility. Days get very short soon which means you have to use the headlamps even longer than now (3 hrs on this trip). 😉

  8. superb and excellent Wilfried Haferland btw: You have circled a couple of bad user. The last one I found and blocked: Moan Lisa, *Moan Lisa&39;s Art Akademie™*  (who you have circled as only well known photographer). Please check your circles –  1,181 are imho too many to control and dangerous – you are due to your high quality of your photos circled by many excellent photographer – therefore you have a high responsibility that you don&39;t circle bad user, as all those bad user have access to the album/posts of your follower. As you have added me I have either to remove all common user with you out of my circles (for this reason  because they added you) or block you which might be the fastest and easiest way until you reacted  – and I think about blocking you ….of course I can&39;t circle you. Sorry, but it is for the security of the album of my other follower – not mine,
    Greetings Miguela

  9. Beautiful landscape and awesome view   on the Matterhorn.  You &39;ve done a nice hike to take this picture. 🙂

  10. Fantastic composition and love the climber! Awesome shot

  11. I hope you don&39;t mind me asking.
    Have you ever been to the top of a Matterhorn?

  12. Natsuyo A – You&39;re welcome! No, not yet. It is low priority for me, I don&39;t like overcrowded routes, and I&39;m not interested in "prestige mountains". Maybe this will be the last 4&39;000m peak I climb, I don&39;t know. Matterhorn is not really difficult to climb and I&39;ve done harder things. I always need a certain relationship to a mountain to climb it. Hope this answers your question 😉

  13. Thank you so much for your quick response to my question. I could completely understand.Two days ago, I watched a variety shows where  Japanese female comedian(not climber but comedian!) conquered the north face of Matterhorn, after that they went down by a helicopter(◎ ◎). It become hot topic in Japan, so I asked you about Matterhorn: ). Anyway, I like your Matterhorn&39;s images so much! Thank you, Wilfried!

  14. Natsuyo A – Thank you, that&39;s very interesting. I guess she was accompanied by a mountain guide, right? In general, I think the Matterhorn is the mountain which is visited by so much non-alpinists like nearly no other mountain… 🙂

  15. I could find out one new thing about a Matterhorn. I have never had the time to visit Switzerland, but I would love to do so one day. Thank you always, Wilfried!

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