Dent Blanche Morning
Dent Blanche

Dent Blanche Morning

Dent Blanche

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As you might have noticed, I love colors in the mountains. Of course, they are most rich in sunrise and sunset (sure), so “be there” is the key. Luckily, this is rather easy as all big routes demand you to leave the mountain hut or bivouac in the night. So the most challenging thing is to stop climbing when the sun tips the rocky ridges. Good time for breakfast!

This image was made during the climb of Dent d’Herens with Daniel Arndt, showing Dent Blanche (4’357m / 14 294ft), Weisshorn (4’505m / 14 780ft) as well as the huge glacier flank of Dent d’Herens in the foreground.

Hope you like it!

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  1. great shot, very beautiful tones, you&39;re right the colors in mountains are stunning and particular, thanks for sharing with Breakfast Club

  2. Wilfried Haferland It is always a great privilege to view your fabulous mountaintop views my talented friend! This beautiful color image looks somewhat like I am gazing down below the surface of the ocean. This effect is caused by the hazy clouds and the one sharp peak that has risen above them. The rich blues also provide an ocean type feel. I hope all of that makes some sense!!?

  3. I like it a lot Wilfried Haferland! And you are right being there is key. I went to Lake Geneva in the pooring rain at the end of the afternoon, gambling that it would clear up just before sunset. And it did 😀

  4. Wow, fantastic capture Wilfried, my friend! Wilfried Haferland 
    So much beauty at the dawn in the mountains.
    As you said, it&39;s so great when you have time to capture that during the climb. 🙂

  5. this is mind melting beautiful!!!! the connection with nature you get when being up there is something words can not express….This is magnificent!

  6. wicked color on the snow in the foreground! thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. Jerry Johnson – Jerry my friend, it totally makes sense! Your ways of seein and interpreting images is stunningly unconventional and fresh. Seems this is the bigger inspiration than the landscape itself. 🙂 Thank you so much!!

  8. Dominique Dubied – Oh yeah, I had (did you know the coffee they serve at italian huts makes you stop for small business several times in a few hours?) 😉 Thank you my friend!

  9. Philipp Weimer – Yes, Philipp. One of the challenges is to convey what was my live impression as I was there. Especially if you look towards the golden sun, and then looking at the shadowed snow surface, it gets incredible deep blue. On this certain day, there was a strange magenta impact even in the sky, so the processed image shows exactly my impression. You know that too, don&39;t you? Thank you!!

  10. Saw your image in the "top photos"…very well deserving!  It must have been quite an experience to be there!  I love the soft light and color in this one.

  11. Wow it&39;s Beautiful ~ Wonderful capture Wilfried 🙂

  12. I saw your photo in Photoextract…amazing image and colors !!

  13. Sun? Yesterday ? Wilfried Haferland I suppose you were more lucky yesterday and as I have seen on the pic you send to the M , it should have been in GR….!?

  14. Deborah Vos – Really that bad? Hm 🙁 True, it is Parpaner Weisshorn above Lenzerheide. 90% sun, 10% rain. There was a thick layer of high fog underneath. GR is waiting, Ms. V! 🙂

  15. Mind blowing ..made me to share with all ….

  16. A wonderful mountain landscape at dawn. Nothing else to say : just look and dream ! Have a good day Wilfried.

  17. Wilfred, Excellent view! Wonderful capture! You are a great photographer.

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