Glacier Crossing
Glacier Canyon crossing

Glacier Crossing

Glacier Canyon crossing

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This image was also part of my Fine-Art-Exhibition at photo13, the largest Photography Exhibition of Switzerland.

The Big Aletsch Glacier is the alp’s largest glacier. After our recent trip to Aletschhorn (4’195m), we had to cross the Aletsch Glacier. It’s a more than 2km / 1.25 mi long walk/climb through ice peaks and ice valleys. This glacier is so huge that it offers so many photo opportunities you could spend many days on it’s surface. I did a lot ;-).

We discovered this beautiful stream in the center moraine of the glacier, only accessible with the proper equipment (crampons and ice axe, as you can see). So, unfortunately, we couldn’t visit this one at the recent +Swiss Photography Club G+ Aletsch Glacier Photowalk last weekend with Athena Carey, Anette Mossbacher, Christa Niederer, Deborah Vos, Johan Peijnenburg, Klaus Binder, Philipp Weimer, Philippe Brantschen, Armand Patrice and accompanying friends.

Thank you!

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  1. Wilfried Haferland What a phenomenal shot my friend! Love the colors, but I do have to say that the stream looks like someone melted a zebra into the water. heehee 🙂

  2. Markus Landsmann – Nein, das ist meine Liebste. Sie hat am G Aletsch Walk die zweite Seilschaft geführt (wir waren zuviele für eine einzige) 😉 Danke, Markus, hab einen schönen Abend!!

  3. Johan Peijnenburg – Let&39;s stay overnight in the Gletscherstube and shoot the next day! Bring your crampons, there is so much more to discover! Thank you, Johan!

  4. I think I will keep your image on my monitor until the temperature goes down, Wilfried!

  5. Ok Wilfried Haferland thanks for reply I have had a closer look at the stream and I think the black stripes are pollution from the atmosphere which has built up on the ice, subsiquently as the summer melt progresses these impurities build up as sediment on the ice bed of the stream.

  6. paul t beard – You have a sharp eye my friend! Actually, it&39;s not pollution but the regular sediments the glacier carries. Some finer ones gather in this stream. But there are much bigger sediments, meaning huge rocks of car size… Did you know, the Aletsch Glacier moves 330m per year towards the valley? It&39;s nearly a meter a day! A wonder of nature, protected by the UNESCO. Glad they did, and thank you, Paul!

  7. Dominique Dubied – Sure! 😉

    Problem is you never ever discover all the beauty on a single day. Means we should stay the night nearby, grab our ice gear and shooting a whole day long on the glacier. You&39;re game? 🙂

  8. Hmm… tempted but 2 days off is not easy for me. That is why I prefer to take part in 1 day-events. But who knows one day… Thanks for the proposal anyway Wilfried!

  9. I wanna go!!!!!!!!! 🙂 crampons… Check….. Harness… Check…. Iceaxe…. Check….. Freetime….. Check!

  10. Thanks for the info Wilfried Haferland I am now fully clued up on the area, that is an awsome amount of ice to be on the move considering at it&39;s thickest point it is 900 meters thick. I would imagine it is a dangerous place as very deep crevasses could be hidden under fresh falls of snow.

  11. what no foot fangs?

    i once made a new german word writing salewa:
    Verlaengertesteigeisenverstellungstangen… a customer had really big feet!

  12. Dominique Dubied – I know this problem very well, Dominique. Even a 1-day trip means I&39;m not able to do my regular mountain trips as they are at least 2-day trips and the weekend (still) has only 2 days. Problem is the huge dimension – you won&39;t see such things on a 1-day trip. But you&39;re always welcome!

  13. paul t beard – Yes, 900m is a lot. But it&39;s not dangerous at all – Usually you walk on snowy glaciers only to get somewhere, for photography matters you stay in the non-snow-covered regions (to see the blue). Crossing such snowy regions requires at least 2 people, a rope and knowledge in crevasse-rescueing. Thanks Paul!

  14. Ke Zeng – Yes, she&39;s standing just in the 2 front teeth of her crampons. It&39;s a great feeling. Thank you!

  15. Man spürt die Kälte tief im Eis… grossartige Aufnahme!!

  16. Really cool shot of a brave woman 🙂 I like the floating stripes in the water. Looking forward to your shots from the event… Excellent work Wilfried Haferland

  17. again, a magical shot from you! Superb!

  18. SCATTO FANTASTiCO !!! sembra di sentire l&39;odore del ghiaccio. complimenti Wilfried !!!

  19. Wow das ist ein Bild für ein Action-Jahreskalender. Hier zieh ich mal den Hut.

  20. bin gerade ziemlich beschäftigt mit meinen Prüfungsvorbereitungen, werd mal schauen, ob ich&39;s hin bekomm… Sollte schon irgenwie möglich sein…

  21. ja, nach dem ihr beide dort ausstellt, muss ich ja fast mal vorbei schauen….

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