Glacier meets Lake
Glacier Meets Lake

Glacier meets Lake

Glacier Meets Lake

The Big Aletsch Glacier is the largest Glacier of the Alps, some 24 km long and approx 900m thick at a maximum.

There are several spots where the glacier shows very different faces, on this one, it holds a small lake. I really like this place, and it’s a good start for a walk on the huge glacier itself. The +Swiss Photography Club G+ organizes a photowalk on the glacier surface on August 18, 2012. However, this wonderful spot is worth a visit as the dimensions of the glacier unfolds unexpectedly.

I tried to convince my friend to swim over there for a sense of scale, but she refused… So all we have for that is the little waves.

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  1. Awesome shot and landscape Wilfried!
    Now I have to thank you for share this photo my friend! 🙂
    Hm, to swim there – nice idea, perhaps only after some climbing! 🙂

  2. Impressionnant : surtout pour la baignade .  l&39;eau est si basse  . Belle photo .

  3. Wilfried Haferland This is such a rich and unique setting you have captured my friend! The colors of the ice and water in the foreground are superb. And my favorite part of this beautiful photo is the ice wall on the left half of the photo. It looks just like the water is actually flowing down the wall. Very cool! 🙂

  4. :-))) Very nice picture Mr. Haferland 😉 
    Looking forward to see it in real life. No such experience from Bettmeralp to Fiescheralp…or I missed it!

  5. Stunning! Cold and beautiful!

  6. Jerry Johnson – Thank you so much my friend. I really admire your energy to give such a detailed opinion, and I really enjoy that. Thank you my friend!

  7. Absolutely amazing work Wilfried Haferland !!! Ice color is beautiful! 
    Thank you for contributing to Turquoise Thursday!!
    To ensure your work has been found and appreciate as it should be please include TurquoiseThursday in your circles and  in your post please add me as a curator. Thank you for understanding!!

  8. cool (no pun intended) almost abstract.  I&39;ve been there, and suspect it is still bigger than Ithink it is:-)

  9. Complex and confusing, like an abstract painting. But in a good way, I like it 🙂

  10. This leaves me speachless
    This is very Beautiful 
    Excellent Photography !!!!
    Thanks Wilfried.

  11. Peter Helfer – Thank you! Funny thing is that this lake comes and goes (drains inside the glacier change). Two weeks later it was gone 🙂

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