Bad Weather Climbing
Bad Weather Climbing

Bad Weather Climbing

Bad Weather Climbing

July is high season for high alpine climbing – if weather permits. As this is rarely the case on weekends this year, you have to be flexible. Starting in Grindelwald, there is a nice climb up to Schwarzhoren, which features a short via ferrata.

The light was not perfect, but this scene looked quite interesting to me. The small dots below are two other climbers ascending the ridge. Blue sky is not interesting for photography, clouds are. But is “grey” sky? I hope I could frame this grey sky a little bit ;-)!

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  1. Wonderful picture. A sport giving strong emotions . Is photography a dangerous  sport ? 🙂

  2. Wilfried Haferland Your shooting angle is fantastic as always and the grey clouds are perfect! I also appreciate the two human dots that give this scene such a marvelous perspective.

    Oh, and your photo had me singing the "climb every mountain" song from the Sound of Music movie. hehe 🙂 I hope you don&39;t mind!!

  3. The climbers on the distant peak really give the landscape scale.

  4. Wilfried Haferland my friend, great shot!!!
    weather is bad these days, hope will  be better when my time comes!
    nice rocks, different than in Croatia and slovenia.

  5. Wilfried Haferland With the distance that the climbers shows height and  impressive. Nice photo. To heaven it proves that the time in the Alps is unpredictable.

  6. Nice picture, but I hope for better weather this WE. Is that Nadine you caught on camera?

  7. This is awesome mate and I love the sense of scale.

  8. Wow Wilfried Haferland! Mykal has told me about your amazing work so had to check it out for myself!! Spectacular feel to it all :)) I think I may be hooked :))

  9. Oups that is definitively not for me! I need to grab my armchair just now…
    Great shot Wilfried!

  10. Great shot. And not to mention you had to be up there as well to take the shot, probably standing on a similar crazy place 🙂

  11. Mykal Hall – Mate, thank you so much for stopping by! It&39;s not that colorful liek we both love it, but that&39;s the alps. 😉

  12. Johan Peijnenburg – Johan, thanks a lot. I guess you&39;ve noticed what disturbes me a little in this image… amplified by the slight effect i&39;ve set. Am I right?

  13. Yes but you know for me a small area of emptiness below my feet and I am starting to tremble….

  14. Geeeeez, my legs started shaking !!! Beautiful photo ..

  15. faut deja le faire ! aller sur des cailloux en surplomb.Super excitant…

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