High Above Walensee
High Above Walensee

High Above Walensee

As written before, the backcountry ski tour to Mt. Chapf and Mt. Isisizer Rosswis together with +Daniel Arndt was very outstanding in terms of beautiful vistas and alpine sceneries. Thus I decided to present you 5 photos this week.

This photo was taken from the top of Mt. Isisizer Rosswis, 2’334m. It was windy, cold and sunny. Below, the Sarganserland lies under a blanket of high fog. We are about 800m /2624ft above the fir trees below. Luckily there was no snow cornice at the top, so we could take a step closer.

I made this photo with my old Nikkor 24mm f/2.8, which I carried along with my standard lens. To me, this lens produces an unusual crispness, quite good for that fog blanket. But changing the lens in -15°C / 5°F, being surrounded by a plethora of snow crystals speeding around, was quite challenging. I discussed that with my friend +Johan Peijnenburg a week ago.

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  1. I was waiting for this post before going to bed and the wait was worth every minute! Outstanding my friend.

  2. A shame I missed this trip, although, reading the altitude diff explained in the comments of your 1st photo…. Well…. Probably… I will need to train a bit…. 😉 Anyway, looking forward to the other 3

  3. Rainer M. Ritz – Du hast recht, eine gewisse 😉 Danke!
    Bob Fisher – Muchas gracias, Bob!
    Dietmar Descamps – Thank you very much!
    Daniela Münch – Vielen Dank! Das freut mich!
    Viktor Peschel – Oh, zuviel der Ehre. Danke Dir!
    Joseph Daquiz – I know what you mean. Thank you!
    Sumit Sen – This is a great honor, my friend! You are just great!
    maru clavier – Glad you like it!
    Roger Albani – Vielen Dank Roger! Wir könnten ja mal von der Aiguille du Midi abfahren…
    Deborah Vos – Thank you very much Debbie! This trip can be even done by snowshoes, but with these, you can&39;t speed down…
    Johan Peijnenburg – Shhh! 😉
    Dawid Martynowski – Thank you very much, Dawid! I&39;m sure you would have had fun there too!
    Charles Lupica – Thank you very much, my friend! I&39;m glad that we share the same impression.
    Kent Mearig – Thank you very much, Kent! You are welcome!

  4. Ellie Kennard – Thank you very much! I try to limit post-processing to a minimum, whenever possible, I set some decent adjustments in my D700. Glad you like it!

  5. Jerry Johnson – Oh, thank you very much! Funny thing is that my girlfriend said exactly the same about it&39;s realistic appearance. This was why I decided to post this one… I had nearly not posted it, but now I&39;m happy I did. Thank you, Jerry!

  6. It is so realistic that I will not show it to my wife who is afraid of heights! 😉

  7. Thank you so much for the 1s! And congratulations on making it onto Jarek Klimek&39;s photos of the day (though I think it&39;s not the first time!). Keep taking great photos!

  8. Amazing mountain photo!
    I would love to share this beautiful mountain photo on Mountain Photos Theme Page. Unfortunately, it is only for members. Therefore, I invite you to add Mountain Photos to your circles. From then on, your photos will show up on the Theme Page Stream. But all comments and 1&39;s will still be on your photo in your album.

  9. Hey Wilfried. Glad that we get to see it now. It would have been a loss not to have that great shot on Mountain Photos. 🙂 Thank you for your contribution.

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