Winter Evening, Furka Pass Region, Switzerland
Purple Evening

Winter Evening, Furka Pass Region, Switzerland

I love winter evenings in the mountains. The snow blanket creates a very quiet atmosphere, visually and audibly. The Furka Pass, 2’436m / 7992ft., is closed from early autumn to late spring, so any road traffic noise is absent. Taking a small walk away from the mountain hut which will be the shelter for the coming short night, beautiful vistas are revealed both to the eye and the camera.

I made this photo in the evening of our ski ascend to Chli Bielenhorn, 2’940m / 9645ft. Next day we summited Galenstock, 3’586m / 11765ft.

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  1. I just came home from a trip to the mountains and seeing this picture made me realize I miss mountains already! Thank you for such a great picture! Do I have to say that I love it?

  2. Another amazing shot Wilfried Haferland! The pinkish sky is wonderful and the the snow covered mountains do capture the "quiet atmosphere" you described in your post, perfectly. 🙂

  3. Ada M – Thank you very much for the kind words! I guess I know exactly what you mean &39;cause I&39;m missing the mountains every day I&39;m not there… You are most appreciated, Ada!

  4. Your photo is as usuall breathtaking, I was also in Furka pass, so I know the place. As you have explained, even in july, I&39;ve found spots with snow, a good reason for everybody for the well known turist-photos- of course your photos are at a way different level…

  5. Melinda Koncz – You are very generous! It&39;s always something different when you know the place that&39;s shown… Thank you very much, Melinda!

  6. Athena Carey – It was my hope to deliver what I felt that evening, the colors were really amazing. Thanks for your opinion, much appreciated!

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