Climbing Dent du Géant
Climbing Dent du Géant

Climbing Dent du Géant

Climbing Dent du Géant

I love my Swiss mountains, but sometimes it’s nice to go somewhere else. The Chamonix region offers a lot, and I know french climbers who do not go anywhere else.

After climbing the Rochefort Ridge a time ago, Daniel Arndt and me decided to climb Dent du Géant. This peak is a giant 4’000 meters needle, as you can see by the shadows down left. Climbing there is sometimes near to vertical, and the way down is really vertical: Abseiling only, sometimes overhanging.

The guy on shown here managed to reach the start of the climb a bit earlier than us, resulting in a 45 minutes waiting for us to enter the climb.

However, it was a great experience to climb this mountain, and the view was magnificent. In the background you can see Aiguille du Midi.

Make sure to check an earlier image of Dent de Géant by fellow photographer QT Luong.

Hope you like my mountain image!

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  1. Wahnsinn!! Bist du geklettert?!
    Tolles Foto!

  2. Du hast mich falsch verstanden +Philipp Weimer … Das wäre die Eiger Nordwand nachts und du bis auf der kleinen Scheidegg am Sternen Fotografieren…..

  3. +Evelin J. – Vielen Dank liebe Evelin! Es blieb ja keine Alternative zum Klettern 😉 Im Ernst: Es ist eine sehr schöne Tour, wobei die Granitplatten weiter oben mit dicken Tauen als Fixseil versehen sind. Nicht jedermanns Geschmack, aber eine willkommene Hilfe 😉

  4. +Jerry Johnson – I'm very happy you like it my friend. Considered the lots of inspiration your images provide, I hope I can give something back. 🙂 Thank you Jerry!

  5. Wonderful alpine landscape with this morning light ! I am used to see the Aiguille du midi on the other side but this sight is also very interesting and so beautiful. I think you are in Grandes Jorasses, just in the french-italian border. Thank you for this stunning picture and awesome sight . Congratulations also for the physical effort of such a great climbing  !

  6. +Jean-Michel Taconné – Thank you so much my friend! I thought of you when I selected this image for posting. Dent du Géant is indeed connected with Grandes Jorasses by a long, long ridge, featuring several summits like Aiguille du Rochefort (which I did before).

    The image is scaled down here, but the small dots on top of the shadow are cabins of the glacier-crossing cablecar. You know this, don't you? 🙂

  7. I came back to see this again.  I really like it +Wilfried Haferland.  I love how so many of your mountain images include a human form.  For me it really adds some magic.  🙂

  8. +Athena Carey – I'm really honored Athena. At first I was reluctant to post this as it doesn't feature some extraordinary light. But – is it only the light which makes a capture nice? Not necessarily, as your words prove… However, I love shadows and I love them the way they appear here. But you know this since the beginning 😉

    You have some very nice mountains in your place as well, don't you? 🙂

  9. I am hoping to go see the mountains not so far from here soon.  They are called the Drakensberg Mountains.  (  I just need to figure out the when and how part.  Sometimes getting information here can be difficult – people hold it close…

  10. +Athena Carey – Very cool! Especially the cliffs could serve as dramatic elements. Fingers crossed that you get all information you need! Soon. 😉

  11. Wow super!! Ist bestimmt super schön zu Klettern, meine Angst ist aber viel zu gross 😉

  12. Oh, yes my friend , that's so awesome +Wilfried Haferland 🙂
    Thanks for pointing me to the photo, didn't check your stream yesterday and today 🙂
    So wonderful capture

  13. Awesome shot, great reflections, colors and a stunning view!

  14. +Hamid Dastmalchi – It's entirely my pleasure my friend. I'm really glad you like my work, and right now I'm sitting on a table as well 😉 Many thanks!! 🙂

  15. My friend :-))
    So take care to don't get wait then :-))
    +Wilfried Haferland , I'm just passing days with hope for better future … with new way of living as a photographer … to what if's 🙂

  16. +Hamid Dastmalchi – I wish you all the best for reaching your goal as soon as as well as possible!

    We got quite a good amount of new snow this weekend, so ski-touring should start soon :-)!

  17. +Wilfried Haferland This is absolutely Beautiful!!! To live where there are Mountain`s everywhere 🙂 There`s no limit to what we can achieve in life and on earth, when it`s in direct alignment with God`s will 🙂 He`s blessed you with some pretty remarkable skills and abilities. Genuine gift`s that were given to you from God 🙂

  18. Wilfried das ist so was von einem Spitzen-Bild. Helm ab. 🙂

  19. +Viktor Peschel – Hauptaufgabe des Helms ist es, dass man beim Hochklettern nicht mit dem Kopf an überstehende Felsen schlägt, sondern mit dem Helm. 😉

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