Glacier at Wintertime

Glacier at Wintertime


I visit the Big Aletsch Glacier each and every season. It’s not only one of the most impressive ones, it’s situated in the center of the Bernese Alps so it’s hard to avoid seeing this glacier. I’ve posted many different sights of this glacier, and as we have wintertime right now, a snowy image suits well. These two groups of alpinists are heading towards the south and are going down the glacier. It seems even here because at the Konkordiaplatz three glaciers combine to one, resulting in a more than 900 meters thick ice pack.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Thank you. Always impressive your photo. a good year Wilfried.

  2. Cool shot Wilfried, I love the light coming through the clouds and illuminating the landscape.

  3. I don&39;t like it… I love it my friend! Those tiny specs (people) give it such a grand look and feel. Incredible image Wilfried Haferland! 🙂

  4. Sumit Sen – Thanks a lot my friend for your kind words and your stopping by! 🙂
    Johan Peijnenburg – Yeah, isn&39;t it? I can give you the details of that generous dude who designed and build it 😉 And thanks for your words on my image…

  5. Wilfried Haferland beautiful my friend.  It doesn&39;t look like I&39;m going to get there this winter, but who knows.  This area is one of my favorite areas of Switzerland.  The glacier is just spectacular.

  6. Charles Lupica – Thanks a lot, glad you like it. You are right, this spot is awesome. Luckily, the Big Aletsch Glacier is much less prone to the melting conditions than other glaciers… So plenty of time here yet. 😉

  7. This is magnificent! Very interesting and impressive my friend 😉

  8. Like it?  I love it.  Again an image of a vast and beautiful part of the world with people in the frame to show the scale.  Beautiful work Wilfried Haferland!!

  9. Athena Carey – Oh, thank you very much. It&39;s always quite exciting to enter unfamiliar territory… The more I&39;m honored by your opinion, and, of course, and to a certain extend ;-), Johan Peijnenburg&39;s! Thank you, Athena!

  10. Thank you Wilfried Haferland.  This photo really makes me want to get out and make more photos.  I&39;ve not been feeling into it lately and needed some inspiration. 🙂

  11. Athena Carey – You have been quite busy the last weeks I guess. I&39;m happy my image can contribute a little recreation. 

    Isn&39;t it funny that this image shows the glacier you&39;ve been walking on in summer? OK, a little more into direction south-west, but it&39;s the same ice river… 🙂

  12. That is actually the immediate thought I had when I opened it Wilfried Haferland, "I&39;ve been there!"  And then I thought that I need to see it now in winter. 🙂

  13. I must try to find a time to fit it in Wilfried Haferland or we should add it to the SPC schedule again and I force it to fit in my schedule.  🙂

  14. And this time I would not be coughing the entire time Wilfried Haferland.  Seriously – maybe we should do a SPC photowalk there again.  We had to walk down a rocky hill to get onto the glacier last time – I imagine that is a lot more difficult in winter.  How would we access it?

  15. Athena Carey – I remember your cough very well… This was stressing for you and consumes lots of energy otherwise needed, poor you!

    We could go there in winter via the retour route (tunnel) we took. But entering the glacier there is comparatively dangerous because many crevasses are hidden. Maybe it would be better to stay on a trail above the glacier so we retain the overlook.

    Another possibility could be a walk down from Jungfraujoch. But as distances are very huge there, we would walk in snow for 2 days… Skiing would be possible 😉

    Why not doing a nice trail slightly above the glacier&39;s side?

  16. How dangerous would a trail above the glacier be? Safe for all levels of fitness Wilfried Haferland?  Would we need to bring snowshoes?  Exciting! 🙂

  17. Not dangerous. Maybe the trail is prepared, otherwise we&39;d need snowshoes. Unfortunately, we won&39;t reach the place where I made this photo &39;cause it&39;s at the Konkordia-Hut. This is 13km to walk at 600m altitude gain. From Jungfraujoch down its still 8km.

    So maybe it would be best if we use snowshoes and go exactly to the known spot where the glacier meets the lake. We could then try to enter a trail there. :-)?

  18. Simply fabulous. The light is incredible, and the sense of scale with the mountain and the hikers dramatic.

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