Piz Buin Snow
Piz Buin Snow

Piz Buin Snow

Piz Buin Snow

Lots of people know the name “Piz Buin”. This is mainly because of the sun protection brand of the same title. In fact, it’s the name of a mountain with a Swiss side and an Austrian side. I have the impression that the Swiss side is climbed by fast climbers in very small groups while the Austrian side is entered by large groups of less experienced people on a single rope (I wrote about country-specific differences before; this seems to be one of it). Piz Buin has a summit elevation of 3’312 m / 10 866 ft, being climbed in winter and summer. If you go in spring, make sure you choose the nice couloir between the “little” and the “big” Piz Buin ;-), it’s highly recommended!

Well, this image of Piz Buin and adjacent peaks was created on a day with rather dull lighting conditions. We went to Piz Minschun by ski, ascending the last part to the summit by feet. Being surrounded by clouds most of the time, there were a few minutes of clear view, so I decided to use this opportunity. The original image measures more than 15k*7k pixels, revealing a stunning amount of details.

I hope you like my black & white image!


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  1. This photo is sooo wonderful Wilfried Haferland ! The textures you&39;ve captured in these majestic peaks are outstanding and the layered clouds that arc above the distant horizon are my favorite aspect of your photo my friend!! 🙂

  2. Monochrom is wonderful in it. a fascinating landscape Wilfried .

  3. Johan Peijnenburg – Hey, thanks a lot! It&39;s great to have such great support while taking the first steps into a new realm :-). Just back from a meeting, you made my evening ;-). Thanks Johan!

  4. Absolutely magnificent image!!

  5. What a spectacular scene and a terrific shot my friend 😉

  6. Wonderful capture, Great blog site Wilfried  🙂

  7. A fascinating mountainscape ! Very awesome. I like monochrom that fits well  here  😉

  8. That has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, Wilfried Haferland Black and white is perfect because I can concentrate on the detail and shadow.  Truly a spectacular scene and a wonderful capture of it.  Thanks for sharing with landscapephotography

  9. Gorgeous shot. Thanks for sharing with Mountain Photos theme page! Make sure you also check out all the great reshares on Mountain Photos theme page stream and album, and review tips for maximum visibility of your mountain photos!

  10. Super mountainscape! I can only hope the skiing down was as awesome as it looks?

  11. Beatiful B&W mate. Love the contrast and fine detail. :)))

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