Lac de Moiry
Lac de Moiry

Lac de Moiry

Lac de Moiry

Almost exactly 2 years ago I went to Moiry for a nice climb to Pigne de la Le. We expected dry rocks, but a summer snowfall changed conditions. We had a strong foehn wind, but the tour was nice anyway. Even nicer was the sky and the light, I had the impression of a ver dark atmosphere. Of course, I considered this while post-processing this image :-).

Besides the wonderful colored Lac de Moiry, you can see the Moiry Alpine Hut near the bottom left corner – this is where a future +Swiss Photography Club G+ photowalk will lead to. Les Diablerets and Wildhorn show up as white peaks in the background. Hope to see you there!

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  1. I love how clear this image is, no haze, and great color.

  2. Beautiful capture! Love how the green brings the photo alive!

  3. It&39;s magnificent. You give us the joy of the show. Thank you . The color is beautiful.

  4. It&39;s wonderful to watch such a beautiful nature, the mountains are fascinating 🙂

  5. Wilfried Haferland This looks just like you have discovered a hidden valley my friend! Wow, what a beautiful photo this is and I hope your photowalk is a big success! 🙂

  6. How vast scenic mountains!  I could see the world summer(green) and winter(white) exist together at the same time…very interesting! and Swiss photography Club sounds like a lot of fun ; )

  7. Very nice view Wilfried. Nice crisp details and love the drama in the sky 😀

  8. Wow….grossartig…..den See mal aus der Perspektive zu sehen 🙂

  9. That is an amazing image and landscape, I particularly like the progression through the valley of the glacier then the run off water river ending in that stunning blue lake, thanks very much for sharing with landscapephotography

  10. Outstanding landscape, Wilfried!  So much to love here – the green valley – the light blue water, the beautiful light falling on the mountain tops in the distance and the blanket of clouds over the scene.  Superb.

  11. Wonderful photo of an outstanding landscape, Wilfried ! I love the sublime light over the snow-capped summits in the foreground, the little green valley, the clouds colour in the background. Bravo l&39;artiste !

  12. ah, this is breathtaking….I love it!

  13. How did I miss this???? Love the patch of blue amongst the green valley mate. :)))

  14. Mykal Hall – Thanks a lot, mate! We all know that time gets shorter the longer you participate in G… You&39;re always welcome! 🙂

  15. No excuses mate!!!! I need to redo my circles. I&39;m missing my favourite people. 🙁

  16. There are so many people I added in the early days and a lot need to go but I dont have the heart to cut them off. :((

  17. Great scenic shot with wonderful colors and perspective !

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