Emerald Lakes Macun
Emerald Lakes Macun

Emerald Lakes Macun

Emerald Lakes Macun

The 20 lakes of Macun are protected as a National Park of Switzerland. There are times when walking through this wonderful landscape is not permitted, e.g. when the summer season ends. It was a great opportunity to visit this place in summer – and get fresh snow as well. In general, few snow on alpine meadows generates visual clutter. Here, the clutter is very even, so it adds a certain structure to the landscape.

Some of my best friends here know this image already from my early posting days, but this one features a slightly different processing and framing.

Hope you like it!

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  1. Wilfried Haferland This is superb my friend and these connected emerald lakes lead my eyes right back to that "hidden valley" in the background which is just magical! Well done as always!!

  2. Amazing view and shot. Thank you for sharing it with Mountain Photos theme page and album. Make sure you also enjoy all other reshares there and review tips for maximum visibility of your mountain shots.

  3. Where do you take these pictures!!????!?!?!??!?!?

  4. Nikta Slusar – Thank you! Where do I take my images? That&39;s easy:

    I go to the mountains as often as I can, the higher and the more difficult the route, the better it is. This is how I go to places only few people go. And most of them don&39;t have a decent camera ;-). Those trips take time as distances and elevation are huge sometimes. And, of course, if you know the regions, you know where to go… 🙂

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