Allalinhorn Ice Flank
Allalinhorn Ice

Allalinhorn Ice Flank

Allalinhorn Ice

Today I continue my Mountain Portrait Series:

The Allalinhorn is one of the easier accessible 4000m+ peaks of Switzerland. Cablecars take people from the village Saas Fee to top station Metro Allalin (3’457m) in some 30 minutes. The normal route is not too difficult – good weather provided. The Allalinhorn offers different ascends, one of the interesting ones is the Hohlaubgrat (ridge). When you’re short on time, or got a hurting leg from your last climbing accident, the Allalinhorn is always there for you. By now, I visited Allalinhorn many times. Seen from Feechopf, even the “little” Allalinhorn has a majestic appearance.

Recently, my friend Dalibor Pačić posted an image of the “bench”, located right side underneath the peak. This is how it looks at breakfast time from Feechopf.

Hope you like my mountain portrait!

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  1. so white and beautiful, thanks for sharing with Breakfast Club , Andrea Martinez is no more a curator of Breakfast Club

  2. See your  photo. She are never the same,  you are arriving has surprise us, as on snow These are the climbers? Impressive Wilfried .

  3. Gorgeous capture! Love the contrast with the deep rich blue sky

  4. awesome, now I know where I was from different angle Wilfried Haferland , exactly where those people are :-))
    it looks great from this point.
    thanks for this one my friend!

  5. Lovely portrait of the mountain, I love that sharp ridge formed by the snow, sky colour is so deep blue, great work

  6. nice to see this great mountain and all that information about it

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