Crushed Ice Anyone?
Crushed Ice Anyone

Crushed Ice Anyone?

Crushed Ice Anyone?

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In the mountains, making the right decisions means a lot. If they are wrong, it could have been your last trip at all. But “right” is always synonym to justifiable.In the Mont Blanc area, you can ascend the huge Glacier des Bossons towards Mont Blanc and other peaks. You can ski down the same route back to the hut. Just be aware of a giant ice shield break-off zone far above your head, sending down towers of ice randomly.

We decided to take another route for the ascend and only ski down this icy zone, so we’d spend as few time as possible there. We had so many freshly crushed ice that the route was literally blocked. Being there just for a short time was, well, the “right” decision.This tough guy is Herr Daniel Arndt, making his way through a giant field of ice blocks weighing in at hundreds of pounds to many tons each. I don’t cheat on their color; man, they were blue!

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  1. Wonderful capture. Thanks for sharing. Making the right decision is great. But it is always mountains who will say the last word.

  2. I think an avalanche. I hope nobody, no one is below. Dramatic. My eyes and attracted by the block of blue ice. Beautiful.

  3. Amazing image, that looks pretty cold and as has alreade been said that blue ice is wonderful, as for the crushed ice it goes very nicely in a bacardi and coke, Many thanks for shareing with Landscape Photography

  4. Looks like I&39;m turkey hunting although closer inspection reveals that it&39;s skies I&39;m carrying.  Great photo!

  5. me, me ,me as I am melting around here……Oh, thank you Wilfried Haferland I knew you will be the one to save me! 🙂 I miss snow and mountain…thank you my friend!

  6. It looks very dangerous mate but that blue is beautiful.  :)))

  7. jany viala – Thank you, no, nobody was harmed. This is rather ice fall than an avalanche, as the ice towers break a few hundred meters above and partly get crushed directly by hitting the glacier surface. Thank you!

  8. With this impossible heat here, I wish I could be sitting on one of the snow blocks!

  9. Very cool capture! Love the addition of the human element! Nicely done!

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