Spring Has Come
Underwater Snow

Spring Has Come

Underwater Snow

As you can see, in the mountains there is always some spring and some winter – it just depends on the altitude. Last weekend I had only one day for the mountains, so I didn’t go far up in the winter region. Instead, I did a nice ridge-walk to Mt. Casanna, Grisons. I’ve seen this wonderful little lake from the summit and decided to go there and shoot it. It reminded me a little (just a little) of the wonderful country my friend Dominique Dubied enjoys these days, Iceland. So I had a small sense of Iceland and spring again even in the alps.

Hope you like it!

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  1. She is very beautiful, the water color is gorgeous I love the Alps a beautiful country.

  2. Melting snows and turquoise water, all in an alpine meadow.  Thank you for bringing us along with your in your mountain explorations through your superb photography.

  3. Is this just a mountain snow runoff or lake through a whole year??

  4. THIS IS AMAZING! thank you!

  5. Natsuyo A – That&39;s a good question! From it&39;s size, it&39;s just melted snow and should diappear soon. But the map shows a very small blue dot, so probably it will last. But it&39;s very small. Thank you, Natsuyo!

  6. Missed this one, very nice mate but I guess you&39;re missing the snow. :((

  7. What an awesome scene and stunning capture!! Well done!!

  8. Bt i think if u stay there for a while you are going to be in use of it , or what do you think?

  9. Don&39;t mind, I would like to know you more please if possible.

  10. what do you do personally, what do u like en more which you could let me know.

  11. agnes esther – I&39;m living in Zurich but try to spend as much time in the mountains. Everyone should visit Switzerland once, as this is a very special place of beautiful nature. Do you plan to?

  12. But you need to have alot of money so that you can reach there. But at this time i cant lie to you.
    My brother -in law has a friend from switzerland we have been with her from january of this year till june.
    So why cant you plan a deal for me so that i can be able even me to walk out of the country to see more.
    I will be very happy. please.

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