Easy climbing – Via Ferrata
Via Ferrata View

Easy climbing – Via Ferrata

Vie Ferrate are pre-defined pathes through a mountain wall or face with a pre-installed cable and artificial climbing aids. You wear a harness and a special biner set, so you’re anytime safely connected with that pre-installed cable.
Vie Ferrate like this one in Kandersteg are good for recreation days between “real” mountain climbs. For my taste, newer installations tend to provide too much metal and climbing aids like these bolts shown here. I prefer climbing on rock instead of metal. However, I enjoyed this Via Ferrata on that rainy day, and it made for a photo as well ;-).

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  1. Whow. Now you have my respect, not only for climbing a vertical rock, but also for having the guts to take a shot 🙂

  2. This looks like fun – a bit scary, but fun. Nice shot!

  3. Ah, this is under the cable car to Allmenalp? Should have done that.. (I took the regular trail – steep and slippery in the rain).
    Love the sense of depth in here. Excellent.

  4. Incredible shot my friend! Now this is a truly unique perspective for most people on the planet to enjoy. 🙂 And the greens are beautiful!

  5. A breathtaking view. A beautiful photo with a waterfall and stream

  6. There is no way I would be taking a photo like this mate. Both my hands would be tightly grasping the rock wall…..lol Well done Wilfried Haferland

  7. Sumit Sen – Thank you Sumit!
    Philipp Weimer – Thank you very much! In the mountains, the interesting shots are taken when it&39;s least comfortable to handle the camera 😉
    Leo Soderman – Not scary, only fun 😉 Thanks!
    Dominique Dubied – Perfect, if the shot lets you feel it, then it works! Thank you!
    Peter de Rooij – Peter, you&39;re perfectly right. I experienced the slippery path down too that day. That was the really scary part ;-)!
    Dalibor Pačić – Ok, let&39;s do it that way!
    Javier Esvall – Thank you very much!
    Jerry Johnson – Thank you my friend! Glad you like it!
    jany viala – Thank you, and thanks for noticing the waterfall ;-)!
    Athena Carey – Thank you very much Athena! Confidential: There were some more aids but I kept them out of frame 😉 Shh!
    Mykal Hall – So you could use a belly cam 😉 Thanks mate!
    Markus Landsmann – Thank you very much, your opinion means a lot to me!
    Charles Lupica – Let&39;s do it the next photowalk ;-)! I don&39;t know the Val de Travers yet, but with a good shot, I guess it&39;s that spectacular too! Thank you my friend!
    Dawid Martynowski – Thank you very much my friend!
    Johan Peijnenburg – Yep, office. 🙂

  8. Wilfried Haferland – haha my friend. I&39;ve been telling myself that I should look into the via Ferrata, after all, they might not be as bad as I think. They aren&39;t, they&39;re far worse. :-))

  9. I don&39;t think there is anything that could scare me as much as imagining myself in that edge. 
    p.s. great shot

  10. A very good shot…but looks scary :)) My legs would be shaking if I were there…

  11. Wauw…

    you take me all the way into the depths…

    Thanks for this view and the real-look-a-like experience…

    xxx xxx xxx

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