Snowy Ridge Steps
Snowy Ridge Steps

Snowy Ridge Steps

Snowy Ridge Steps

This image was selected for the 9 TOP Photographs for February 9 2013 for PlusPhotoExtract.

Winter is blue. Well, a little white sometimes, but the absence of plants in higher regions makes for a lack of “standard colors”. I love that. Especially in mid-winter season, we have a strong sun and a bit of haze in thin air. This produces a very special atmosphere of “all things blue”.

Ascending in winter means to go up by ski as far as possible (or reasonable). If you can’t ski down certain passages, you have to leave the skis below the summit. Just like here: The last steps followed a rather fluffy snow ridge to the summit cross. To give the whole composition a scale, I placed the first steps prominently in the frame. The winter haze in combination with the sun in front of you can be challenging, but it lets you create a natural vignetting. Those who know my other work might have noticed a strong similarity to my “Ridge Climbing Bietschhorn” image. See how much I love those views 😉

Rock or snow, summer or winter: Life is always fine when you’re at the top :-)!

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  1. This is fabulous my talented friend! Those blues are crisp and the lesser peaks and valleys on the left side of the image, because of the slight haze, make them look under water to me! Your perspective is exceptional as always Wilfried Haferland ! 🙂

  2. Die Boot war super, viele bekannte Gesichter wieder getroffen (alles Segler) und es gab viel zuerzählen. Der Abend war dann auch sehr ausgiebig. Düsseldorfer-Altstadt halt und Karnevall überall. Auf baldiges Wilfried Haferland

  3. Jerry Johnson – It&39;s such a pleasure to see your view of my images. Your words are most encouraging, and I always wonder how well you express what you see. Thanks a lot, my friend Jerry!

  4. My heart is up there with you in this picture. Superb! And thank you! ❤

  5. I love those views too Wilfried Haferland 🙂 blue and white are my favorites, especially in winter. and yes it&39;s fine to be on top… hehe – to be on top means to me you&39;ve a ride down the hills :)) a great shot!!

  6. Das sieht gut aus. Komme selbst dahin wohl nicht. (Kein Aufzug…)
    Danke fürs Zeigen!

  7. Good thing people like you take shots like this. I would never dare to go to such places 🙂

  8. Philipp Weimer – 🙂 Did you thought before you would dare to jump over huge crevasses once (which you did very well)? See…! Thank you Philipp!

  9. Wilfried Haferland. Immer wieder beeindruckend die mächtigen Gipfel der 4000er zu sehen. Dabei wirkt der Mensch wie ein Spielzeug!
    Ein atemberaubendes Bild!

  10. Günter Schurr – Vielen Dank! Im Winter sehen alle Berge höher aus, so ist dieser auch "nur" ca. 3&39;210m hoch. Aber wir sind von unten los, das waren dann immerhin ca. 1&39;800hm. Danke, Günter!

  11. Nur ist gut:) Ich erinnere mich an die Tour mit meinem Mountainbike auf den Gornergrat. Das reicht auch schon.
    Besten Dank zurück. Merci für&39;s teilen Wilfried Haferland!

  12. fantastic shot my friend! It really seems unreachable 😉

  13. Wow now we&39;re talking is pictures are amazing thank you. 🙂

  14. I missed seeing your images mate!!! Excellent work as always.

  15. Fantastic scenery ! A snowy ridge which seems narrow and give the shivers, looking at the right or at the left  🙂

  16. Fantastic composition and perspective! Love the pov

  17. Natalya Tashik – Thank you Natalya! Skiing down to the left or right is possible, but then you would end up in the "wrong" valley :-). So taking a few steps back by feet and ski down 180° behind be is wise ;-)) You should visit us in CH!

  18. Fantastic image, must be great achievement to view from up there, well done

  19. A peac of imagery, and a peac of artistry… A natural high! Thank you!

  20. A peac of imagery, and a peac of artistry… A natural high! Thank you!

  21. Wow, that looks rather steep again! I admire your ability to take photographs at such locations, great capture!

  22. Oh wow! The few moments I&39;ve had in my life walking and skinning across the peak ridge lines have all been unforgettable. This certainly looks like one of those moments Wilfried Haferland

  23. genuinely feel empathy for you. I love blue, white, green, all view from the top. However, How a precipitous ridge line!!  It&39;s like a  Godzilla&39;s back(((( ;゚д゚))) Thanks!!;))

  24. Natsuyo A – Your comparison is excellent! It&39;s so interesting to see an image through the viewer&39;s eyes… Thanks a lot!!

  25. Wow ! einfach nur Wow! die Farbe, der Grat und natürlich das Bild an sich! Congrats! (darf ich das teilen?)

  26. danke dir, Wilfried – habe dir auch gerade eine eMail geschickt 😉

  27. How I wish I were there too. Thank you for sharing it

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