Crystal Icicles, Grisons
Crystal Pillar

Crystal Icicles, Grisons

Before the cold winter is over, some photos of the most crystal clear icicles I’ve seen for a long time have to be posted.

Usually, a lot of air bubbles are visible inside icicles. A certain flow of water and certain temperatures create crystal clear ones. These icicles grew on the shadow side of a small valley, we had incredible blue skies and the sun’s reflections on the yellowish rock on the other side. Beautiful blue and yellow reflections on the ice surface were the welcome result.

Unfortunately, we were about to start a long mountain trip so I had nearly no time to photograph all those beauties. I could have spend hours by photographing them! The result are just fly-by shots, but I hope you can see what I mean by saying “crystal clear”. Hope you like ’em!


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  1. Wilfried Haferland, They are like fine glass sculptures, my friend! Thank you for capturing their beauty before the sun and warmth return them to liquid form.

  2. Amazing colours! Really crystal clear! Great shots!

  3. Wow Wilfried Haferland they are so clear and so beautiful! At first from the thumbnail I thought you had started doing macro water photography! 🙂

  4. Athena Carey – I&39;m happy to have the chance of sharing these photos… I&39;m always happy if you like them. If there were only a little more time to create images beyond documentation… Thanks!

  5. Johan Peijnenburg – Shame on me! But this was back in last fall, and I ran into these icicles completely surprisingly… The mountain called… So just a few shots. But it&39;s a secret place anyway 🙂

  6. I am speechless….

    so amazing breathtaking…

    Thanks – again – for sharing!

    xxx xxx xxx

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