Aiguille du Midi Sunrise
First Light Aiguille du Midi

Aiguille du Midi Sunrise

First Light Aiguille du Midi

Many of you already visited Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix, France. Aiguille du Midi provides the second highest cablecar top station of Europe with 3’777m / 12 391ft (Klein Matterhorn top station is 3’820m / 12 532ft). You have a beautiful vista there.

This photo of Aiguille du Midi was made during the ascend to Dome du Goûter, 4’304m / 14 120ft, via it’s snowy north ridge. Most of the climb that I did with Daniel Arndt we had to carry our ski on our backs, but the ride down through huge ice seracs was magnificient. Unfortunately two people ascending with us lost one ski and had to return. However, sunrise is one of the most wonderful experiences up there.

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  1. Thank you. With you, we have the pleasure to discover, the summit, magnificent. Color, more sublime. Very nice.

  2. I was missing seeing one of your amazing pictures! The summer is coming and I miss so much the snow, the snowy mountains and the cold 🙂 Thank you so much for taking me back to the places I love.

  3. Gorgeous indeed Wilfried Haferland and it almost looks like there is a castle sitting on the top right side of the mountain peak that you captured in the ridge&39;s silhouette!!

  4. I am telling myself after seeing a post of yours that it can&39;t be better…and then you are posting another amazing photo and here I go again…it can&39;t be better than this one!!!

  5. Jerry Johnson – Jerry my dear friend, actually you&39;re right: There is a very spiry building up there, just a little "techier" than a castle. In fact, the silhouette does the job! Thank you very much!

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