Rote Wand Summit
Rote Wand

Rote Wand Summit

Rote Wand

I love snow. Fall is a very nice time even in the mountains. The first snow is already there, but you can still climb on dry rock. This time we went to Austria, Vorarlberg, which is located in the east, seen from Switzerland. We don’t know all the mountains there yet by their shape, but we are recognizing more and more. Austria is beautiful too, and I guess my friends Paul Turkowski and Stefan Lutz can confirm this :-).

The mountain “Rote Wand” is good for wall climbing in it’s south side, but much more “alpine” from the north. It is 2’704m high and has a small glacier, therefore  it gets some snow and conserves it. Hope you like the first snow!

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  1. Wenn ich das so sehe hoffe ich sehr das wir dieses Jahr auch Schnee kriegen!

  2. Yep, confirmed! :)) – Freut mich dass es dich nach vorarlberg zieht 🙂 die rote wand ist ein super spot, die stimmung hast du auf dem bild schön aufgenommen. wenn mal nicht so vertikal in vorarlberg unterwegs bist, lass es mich wissen Wilfried Haferland :))

  3. Yeah!!!!! Snow is falling that means lots of Alpine photography from you mate.

  4. Wonderful shot and looks like a beautiful place to explore 🙂

  5. Mykal Hall – Yeah, if you don&39;t mind…? 😉 Snow leaves a nice blanket over cluttery rocks, so the images are optically cleaner in winter… Looking forward and glad you like it! Thanks mate!!

  6. snow and mountains make an out of this world beautiful combination (and dangerous)…this is superb, again! 🙂

  7. Carra Riley Vince Ong – Hi Carra, hi Vince, pleasure&39;s on my side! I&39;m happy that you like my images, and it&39;s great to meet you! There&39;s so much to discover on G. Thanks for your efforts! 🙂

  8. Wilfried Haferland Those blue tones are beautiful and the snow looks somewhat like sand dunes in the desert, but in a much colder form. 🙂 Well done my friend, as always!

  9. Johan Peijnenburg – Well, in fact, it&39;s the opposite since lazy me didn&39;t manage to go there earlier ;-). This is what I love about fall: You have really striking light already in the late afternoon… Who cares about darkness during the descend? Thank you very much, Johan!

  10. Johan Peijnenburg would like to spend a winter in the north, shooting occasional polar lights and be in darkness 🙂 Awesome long exposures can be done that way 🙂

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